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3D Product Configurator for Office Furniture and 3D Home Office Planner

3D Cloud-powered apps for office furniture manufacturers

Choose from traditional static JPG spins or dynamic 3D models with infinite angles; explore products in a full gimbal view; and take advantage of smart business rules. Ensure consistency and cost savings by reusing content in the 3D Cloud-powered Room Planner for Home Office.

3D Cloud brings scale, speed, maturity, reusable assets, and professionalism to 3D configuration and space planning. They do it all.”

Kris Rao, Chief Information and Digital Officer for HNI Corporation

E-Commerce Customer Journey

For manufacturers exploring a direct-to-consumer digital sales channel, 3D Cloud can get you there. With a customer journey that includes configuration, pricing, cart integration, and validation, it’s the fastest way to jumpstart your DTC strategy.

3D Product Configurator / Unit Configurator

Data-driven product configuration makes it easy for commercial interior designers or consumers to see every product option available to them. Upholstery? Check. Arm Rests? Check. Hardware? Check. — You get the idea.

Data-Driven Assemblies

Take advantage of smart business rules that allow shoppers to configure and visualize exactly what they are going to buy. From desks and chairs, to filing cabinets and lighting schemes, configurations can include multiple products and color variations.

Asset and Material Reuse

If your catalog includes a library of materials that is used across a range of product geometries, you’ll love our approach to asset and material reuse. Create an asset or material once, use it everywhere – including in the 3D Cloud-powered 3D Office Planner.

What you can expect when you work with 3D Cloud by Marxent

Works on Web and Mobile

The 3D Cloud-powered 3D Product Configurator is the responsive web app that reaches interior designers however and wherever they work— on desktop or a mobile.

Easy Cart Integration

Each design produces a bill of materials that can be added to the shopping cart of a major retailer or to direct-to-consumer ecommerce sites.

White Glove Service

We work with you to create the right training program for your organization, and provide 24/7 support and a dedicated account manager.

Content That Scales

Big audience? Lots of contributors? 3000 locations? Global reach? No problem. 3D Cloud is purpose-built for companies with large catalogs of tangible products.