3D Cloud Product Visualization Solutions for Office Furniture 

We power 3D strategies for the world’s largest contract furniture manufacturers 

Join MillerKnoll and HNI in achieving unmatched consistency, cost savings, speed, and security with office furniture solutions from 3D Cloud. Our code-free, self-service 3D Product Configurators, 3D Home Office Planner, and WebAR applications deliver top-quality leads and higher average order values both in-store and online.

3D Office and Commercial Solutions

“3D Cloud by Marxent gives us the ability to create and maintain accurate, beautiful 3D product configuration experiences with ease across the enterprise.”

Ben Groom,
Chief Digital Officer
Miller Knoll
Real apps, real results
Herman Miller

Herman Miller Product Configurator
Powered by 3D Cloud

3D Room Planner with Design from Photo

3D Room Planner with
Design from Photo

Trusted by Allsteel, HON, and HermanMiller among others, 3D Cloud’s 3D Room Planner with Design from Photo and ‘Inspired by Pinterest Trends’ can enhance an existing e-commerce experience, or be used in-store for powerful sales consultations.

3D Cloud Room Scanner seamlessly
connects precise measurements to 3D design

Transform the way you measure, visualize, and design spaces with 3D Cloud Room Scanner.  Drop room scans directly into 3D Cloud Room Planner to speed up in-home measuring appointments and show off impressive designs faster.  Request access now.

3D Cloud by Marxent Announces Early Access Program for 3D Cloud Room Scanner

3D Cloud Product

3D Cloud’s suite of Product Configurators for office furniture, curtains, fireplaces, sofas, storage and more offer best-in-class product visualization and are available with WebAR OnDemand™ for billions of variants. Easily configure merchandise, view in context, generate a detailed specification and purchase on a mobile device.

3D Product Configurators
Room Visualizers for selling furniture sets online

3D Cloud Room Visualizers for selling furniture sets online

3D Cloud’s intuitive and mobile-friendly room visualization solution allows shoppers to configure and buy entire furniture sets. By providing a series of fixed backgrounds in which a shopper can easily add or change products, room visualizers work like a personalized showroom filled with all your favorite pieces. Launch within 6-8 weeks.

The code-free solution to 3D product configuration

The code-free solution to online 3D product configuration

The fastest, easiest, most efficient way to deploy 3D configurators at scale. Code-free product configuration means that non-technical employees like merchandisers, product managers, and producers can manage and update configurators without help from developers.

Scale your 3D strategy

3D Cloud solutions come equipped with advanced business rules that ensure any product a customer creates will work exactly as intended. From perfectly crafted desks and chairs to complex filing cabinets and lighting schemes, configurations can include multiple products and color variations.

3D Cloud guides top manufacturers through every step of the direct-to-consumer digital sales channel. Including configuration, pricing, cart integration, and validation, 3D cloud offers the fastest way to jumpstart your DTC strategy and scale your enterprise.

If your catalog includes a library of materials that is used across a range of product geometries, you’ll love our approach to asset and material reuse. Create an asset or material once, use it everywhere – including in the 3D Cloud-powered 3D Office Planner.

What to expect when working
with 3D Cloud

Publication options to suit

Desktop and mobile compatible solutions

3D Cloud-powered 3D Product Configurators and Room Planners reach consumers, interior designers, and sales personnel wherever and however they work – on desktop or mobile.

Shopping Cart

Easy cart

Each design produces a bill of materials that can be added to major retailer shopping carts or to direct-to-consumer e-commerce sites.

White Glove Services


We assign dedicated account teams that work with you through every step of the 3D product visualization process. Ongoing training and knowledge bases included.

Trusted worldwide

Trusted worldwide

Trusted by Allsteel, HON, HermanMiller, and more, 3D Cloud applications are robust, mature, and built for top furniture and DIY retailers and manufacturers worldwide.

Content that scales

Content that scales

3D Cloud is purpose-built for enterprises with large catalogs of tangible products. No matter the audience size, amount of contributors, locations, or SKU’s, 3D Cloud will scale to your enterprise.

Furniture and home improvement retailers trust 3D Cloud

Our 3D product visualization platform is a robust, enterprise solution trusted by top retailers everywhere.