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3D Room Planner – The Easiest Way to Design

Launch your 3D Room Planner app in 8 weeks. 

Marxent’s 3D Room Planner with Design from Photo is the only room planner that features ‘Inspired by Pinterest Trends.’  Shoppers can design complete 3D rooms straight from the flat 2D photos that inspired them.  No other 3D room planning experience leads with inspiration and enables shoppers and associates to collaborate, personalize, share, then offer checkout either online or in-store.  Tens of thousands of sales associates and consumers across the US and Europe are using the Marxent 3D Room Planner with Design from Photo to close bigger sales faster and reduce returns. It’s quick to implement, easy to train associates in-store, and improves ecommerce conversion rates.

Room Planner - Build an app in 8 weeks

Launch your room planner app in 8 weeks

Go from contract to launch in as little as 8 weeks. From speed of execution to ROI, 3D Room Planner delivers. Decide what content you want to include in your branded app and we do all the work. 

Online room planner apps close deals faster

Build and furnish a floorplan in 10 minutes, design a kitchen in 15 minutes. With our patent-pending Design from Photo feature, create 3D room planner scenes from inspirational 2D photos to accelerate the design process and harness the power of inspiration.

Room Planner  - Close Deals Faster
Room Planner - 3D CPQ

The 3D CPQ for furniture and DIY

Configure, visualize, price and quote design concepts with speed and accuracy. 3D Room Planner produces a bill of materials and offers add-to-cart functionality.

3D design services for all skill levels

Featuring advanced business rules and product interactions Marxent’s 3D Room Planner makes design services accessible to sales associates and consumers of all design skill levels throughout the complete multi-channel customer journey.

Room Planner - 3D Design Services
3D Room Planner - 3D For Marketing

Create 3D content for marketing

Merchants can now make their room planner the center of a full sales and marketing campaign, with the same 3D content used for design utilized for social posts, advertisements and more. Configure, create, revise and share endless room designs on any social media platform, in emails, and more.

3D room planning for AR, VR and Web

AR Room Planner For the Web

Search and place or design from photo with an endless assortment of 3D products — all using a standard Web browser. Give customers the power to create complex product assemblies with no skill or experience required.

3D Room Planner For iPad

Drag and drop with our 3D Room Planner for iPad. Walls snap into place, windows appear exactly where they should be. Layout complete, customers fill their virtual space with 3D products.

VR Networking with Mobile

Marxent’s proprietary Virtual Reality Networking makes it possible for customers who have designed a room can view room layouts in stunning 3D by donning an HTC Vive VR headset.

Top retailers trust the Marxent® 3D Cloud

The 3D product visualization platform trusted by Macy’s, John Lewis Partners, Ashley Furniture, AZEK Building Products and others, 3D Cloud is robust, mature and built for the enterprise.