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3D Commerce Solutions

The proven solution for deploying 3D commerce seamlessly across channels, the Marxent® 3D Cloud platform and applications deliver industry-leading speed and realism that scales to the enterprise. It’s easy to get up and running — no big upfront budget is required and pricing is simple.

“3D is the future of consumer engagement and Marxent is leading the way.”

Scott Perry, Vice President, Executive Director of Digital Marketing and Omni-Channel Experience at Bob’s Discount Furniture

3D Room Planner and more for Furniture Retailers

We’ve spent thousands of hours working to understand the unique challenges and business rules of the furniture category from some of the best in the industry. That’s why from in-store 3D Room Planners and Virtual Reality to ecommerce applications such as Augmented Reality and our 360 Product Viewer with 3D Product Configuration, the most successful furniture retailers choose Marxent.

3D Kitchen Designer

Kitchen cabinet manufacturers love the Marxent® 3D Cloud-powered 3D Kitchen Designer because it allows people of all skill levels — from sales people to consumers — to design a in-stock or semi-custom kitchen in a snap. Retailers love 3D Kitchen Designer because it increases basket size on off-the-shelf kitchen cabinet purchases and speeds up the sales cycle.

NEW: 3D Bathroom Designer

Our 3D Bathroom Designer simplifies the design and ordering process by helping customers to visualize finished designs from every angle. Streamline the selection and design of any bathroom space by entering room dimensions, adding windows and doors, selecting products and finishes.

NEW: Real Estate – Virtual Staging and Interactive Design

From virtual staging to interactive design during the home-buying journey, find out how Marxent’s 3D Room Planner, 3D Deck Designer, 3D Kitchen Designer and 3D Bathroom Designer can help homebuyers see how a home would look furnished or remodeled to their taste. Marxent’s SaaS integrates seamlessly with real estate websites to deliver a premium, engaging customer experience. Contact us to learn more.