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3D Product Visualization Platform for Furniture
Marxent® 3D Cloud

3D Product Visualization for Furniture – Marxent® 3D Cloud

Marxent’s 3D Cloud is the full-service 3D product visualization platform for omnichannel furniture retailers. From our best-in-class 3D Room Designer that helps shoppers select and plan their purchase to at-home Augmented Reality smartphone apps that place 3D products into real-world scenes and in-store Virtual Reality shopping, 3D Cloud creates an emotional, connected sales experience between furniture retailers and their customers.

Augmented Reality Furniture Apps

Markerless Augmented Reality visualization that works with Apple ARKit and Google ARCore. Featuring Marxent’s proprietary MxT Tracking for seamless Instant Initialization and either View in Room or Design in Room™ capabilities.

Virtual Reality Shopping

Virtual Reality Showroom is the proven in-store VR shopping app trusted by retailers like Macy’s and Gallery Furniture. It can be used to fuel sales and reduce returns in existing brick-and-mortar furniture stores or to provide a digital endless-aisle furniture shopping experience with limited square footage.

3D Room Designer

3D Room Designer with patent-pending Photo to Floorplan for mobile and web turns sales associates into inspired designers with easy to use tools.

Real-Time Realism

3D Cloud’s industry-leading high-resolution 3D products achieve breathtaking realism without sacrificing any of the speed customers demand. How? 3D Cloud independently manages a product library in a database architecture governed by the applicable product business rules. 3D Cloud™ uses a single 3D model per product, which the Content Management System configures in real time and serves across a wide range of platforms and devices. This decoupling of assets allows for the perfect blend of speed and realism.

Purpose Built for Furniture

Used by Macy’s, Ashley Furniture, Office Depot and others, 3D Cloud applications are robust, mature and built for furniture retailers and manufacturers. Publication options include custom branded apps (white label) or integration into an existing mobile app (SDK).

Content That Scales

3D Cloud can handle an unlimited number of products and product permutations. Furniture retailers can finally show off an endless aisle of couches, loveseats and more, while also broadening sales across a wider range of homegoods — all with a reduced need for a huge retail footprint. 3D Cloud completes the sales picture with exhaustive analytics that make breaking down trends and ROI a snap.


“We’ve piloted VR in three of our furniture stores and found it significantly increased transaction size and also reduced returns. VR allows us to offer a full range of furniture in roughly half the space. So we are now scaling this to 60 more stores this year.”


-Jeff Gennette, CEO