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3D Cloud Sectional Configurator for Modular Sofas

Support unlimited real-time variants and reduce ordering errors

The 3D Cloud Sectional Configurator is optimized for mobile devices, integrates easily with e-commerce carts and can be used both in-store by sales associates and online directly by consumers.

Sectional Configurator for Modular Sofas
Get started quickly with 3D

Get started
quickly with 3D

Launch the sectional configurator in as little as 10 weeks. Identify all of the SKUs that you want and we’ll handle all the content creation and business rules. To start we suggest:

  • 30-50 product models
  • 8-10 product families
  • Add models as you go
How it works

How it works

The 3D Cloud-powered Sectional Configurator ensures that customers can see the measurements and visualize the exact configuration that they want to buy. Our sectional designer supports endless real-time variants and allows users to easily swap materials and add-to-cart with the click of a button.

Incorporating business rules to ensure functionality and avoid ordering mistakes, the sectional configurator helps reduce returns and minimizes having to re-sell customized return items.

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Learn more
about 3D Cloud

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The power of bundles

Get WebAR and the Sectional Configurator on a single content roadmap with our Sofa Expert bundle. It’s the fastest entry point into 3D product configuration and allows you to reuse your 3D content in two high performing applications.

Exclusively powered by 3D Cloud™.

The power of bundles

Get results with
3D Product Configuration

Sectional Designers boost overall sales and customer engagement while decreasing customer dissatisfaction. 3D Cloud-powered product configuration works.


Avg. configurations
per session


Increase in
add-to-cart rate

The only WebAR solution for configurable products

3D Cloud’s configurable WebGL 3D products offer best-in-class experiences that allow for product manipulation, personalization, and visualization. WebAR OnDemand™ renders configured products into WebAR assets on the fly, as they are created and needed. This feature supports endless configurations, making WebAR approachable and cost-effective for configurable products.


  • Supports unlimited product variants
  • Smart products and business rules
  • Data-driven
The only WebAR solution for configurable products

3D Cloud knows furniture

Explore our full range of product configuration solutions for furniture retailers. We have everything you need to deliver the best possible furniture buying experience online. Specifically tailored to retailers of highly customized products.

Your success is our success.

Your success is our success

3D Cloud offers comprehensive customer success programs which include regular business reviews to keep your teams current on the performance of the apps. Our team goes above and beyond to provide updates, training, and project visibility.

Furniture and home improvement retailers trust 3D Cloud

Our 3D product visualization platform is a robust, enterprise solution trusted by top retailers everywhere.