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Company Culture

36 Questions for Remote Team Building

36 Questions for Remote Team Building – Marxent @ Work

Make work friends and practice empathy by asking questions Building a high-performing team starts with practicing empathy. The best source… continue reading


B.I.G. Recognition: Feedback gets an upgrade — Marxent @ Work

Every manager has their own way of giving feedback. Some lean on one on one interactions, while others look to… continue reading


Respond to requests like a pro – Marxent @ Work

Those that have been here at Marxent for some time have heard me talk about Chuck Wise, my first boss… continue reading

Marxent Prize

The Marxent Prize: Wright State Scholarship for Women in Engineering

The “Marxent Prize” — aka, The WSU Scholarship for Women in Engineering — is a one-year scholarship awarded annually to… continue reading

We’re hiring: Why your favorite superhero matters

A great company culture develops from the inside out. The people on the ground floor craft the character of a… continue reading

Best Places To Work

A “Best Place to Work” in Dayton, Ohio

The Dayton Business Journal has named Marxent one of the Best Places to Work for 2018. The list includes 48 companies from across… continue reading

Dayton, ohio

Our top 6 reasons to steer clear of Dayton

Who in their right mind would ever move to Dayton, Ohio? There are some people who enjoy a high cost of… continue reading


Will you fit in at Marxent?

This November, working at Marxent tops the list of things for which I am thankful. I work here because my… continue reading

Jobs in Virtual Reality

This is the story of how I tamed a giant octopus

What do jobs in Virtual Reality have to do with a giant octopus? For those of you who don’t know,… continue reading

Get Your S*@! Together

Get your s*@! together: What’s your personal process?

There is nothing better than working with a colleague that has his or her s*@! together. That is, they have… continue reading


How your boss knows you have your s*@! together

I recently wrote a blog post called “Get your  s*@!  together.” The post offers  up some of the techniques that guide my… continue reading

Good News Bad News

Why I love bad news

Good news vs. bad news: The 75/25 rule There is a monster on the loose. It may be hiding under your… continue reading

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