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Marxent 3D Cloud and 3D Product Visualization Applications

3D inspiration powered by the Marxent® 3D Cloud is proven to move purchases forward wherever, whenever, and however customers shop. Designed to create an irresistible urge to purchase, our 3D product visualization applications deliver real results at scale for top furniture retailers around the globe. Intimidated? Don’t be. We take care of all of the details from training to deployment – and we get it done quickly.

“3D is the future of consumer engagement and Marxent is leading the way.”

Scott Perry, Vice President, Executive Director of Digital Marketing and Omni-Channel Experience at Bob’s Discount Furniture

3D Room Planner

Tens of thousands of sales associates and consumers across the U.S. and Europe are using Marxent 3D Room Planner to close bigger sales faster. It’s quick to implement, easy to train associates in-store, and improves ecommerce conversion rates.

3D Kitchen Designer

Ready-made to handle the most complex business rules related to kitchen cabinet layouts, the Marxent 3D Kitchen Designer makes it easy for people of all skill levels to configure and create a bill of materials for a kitchen.

Augmented Reality for Retail

Built for speed, Marxent Augmented Reality technology renders up to 10x faster than ARKit or ARCore alone. 3D products can be deployed via a simple SDK in an existing or white-label AR app.

Virtual Reality Retail Apps

Marxent’s turnkey Virtual Reality implementation and white glove service reflect years of experience and hundreds of installations. Our unique approach to VR wows customers, supercharges sales and slashes returns.

3D WebAR Advertising

Amplify marketing reach with emerging ad formats such as WebAR, USDZ-powered AR Quick Look, Google AR search using glTF and more. Marxent® 3D Cloud powers an exciting range of 3D applications that can fuel social media, search marketing, and 3D advertising content needs.

360 Product Viewer with 3D Product Configurator

Configure and show your products from every angle with speedy renderings of regular and semi-custom SKUs. The Marxent® 3D Product Viewer with 3D Product Configurator is the complete CPQ solution that delivers detailed, interactive 3D models to ecommerce product pages.

3D Modeling Services

Marxent’s 3D modeling services are designed to deliver reusable, rapidly rendering 3D assets for enterprise-level ecommerce applications. Our commitment is to ensure that your content investment delivers realism, consistency, and speed, while also optimizing for scale and asset reuse.

Social Rooms™ – Social Media Visual Content Creator

Feed the social media monster with endless, fresh, and shareable 3D room scenes that feature your most important promotions.  While your competitors expensive photography goes stale, you’ll never run out of current, timely content to share.

3D Content Syndication Network for Manufacturers

Publish products to 3D Cloud-powered dealer apps with the 3D Cloud Content Syndication Network. Open to any manufacturer of home decor, furniture, appliances, or kitchen cabinets.