3D Cloud Product Configurators with WebAR OnDemand

Intuitive online product configurator for highly customizable products 

Easy to use on both desktop and mobile, 3D Product Configurators can manage trillions of possible variants and integrate with e-commerce websites. Available with web-based Augmented Reality for highly configurable products.

3D Product Configurators

“It’s completely code-free. This means we can move faster, spend less time and money maintaining configurators and give designers and consumers what they crave most – the power to configure and visualize their designs.”

Kristen DeLap,
Digital Product and UX Leader
Miller Knoll
The code-free solution to 3D product configuration

The code-free solution to online 3D product configuration

The fastest, easiest, most efficient way to deploy 3D configurators at scale. Code-free product configuration means that non-technical employees like merchandisers, product managers, and producers can manage and update configurators without help from developers.

Visually configure any home or office product

3D Cloud Product Configurators for home furnishings and office furniture enables users to easily configure products, view them in content, and make purchases on either desktop or mobile devices.

Office Chair Configurator

Office Chair

Curtain Configurator


Fireplace Configurator


Specialized 3D product configurators
with WebAR On Demand

3D Product Configurators with WebAR OnDemand™
  • Mobile responsive
  • Supports unlimited product variants
  • 71% more likely to purchase
3D Specialized Configurators with WebAR OnDemand™
  • Design quickly and export a bill of materials
  • E-commerce cart integration
  • Web-based; No app required
Chair Configurator
Product Configurator

Ideal for furniture configuration

Single Product Configurator

3D Product Configurators

Ideal for configurable furniture, home, and office products with numerous material and finish options. Build a library of materials and use them across multiple different Product Configurators. Subscribe to Kongfigurator to build and manage your own product configurations.

Multi Unit Configurator

Specialized Product Configurators

3D Cloud offers several Specialized Product Configurators including Sectional Sofa, Fireplace, and Curtain Configurators. Give consumers and sales associates an easy-to-use, web-based  solution that prevents ordering errors, increases customer happiness, and reduces returns.

The only WebAR solution for configurable products

Web-based Augmented Reality is now approachable and cost-effective for configurable products. Only from 3D Cloud, WebAR OnDemand renders configured products into USDZ and GLB assets on the fly and supports endless configurations.


  • Supports unlimited product variants
  • Highest quality visuals
  • 30% of users view in AR when available
The only WebAR solution for configurable products

3D Cloud Product Configurator increases engagement and drives sales

High usage, high engagement, high conversion. More than half of 3D Product Configurator users spend at least 4 minutes configuring products. 


Avg. configurations per session


Increase in
add-to-cart rate


User view
in AR

Easy e-commerce implementation and integration

Painless e-commerce integration

Painless e-commerce

We provide a standard set of services for straightforward e-commerce integration. The app seamlessly fuses with existing e-commerce systems as well as CRM, SSO, Cart and PIM systems. Launch in just 10-12 weeks.

CPQ software built for e-commerce

CPQ software built
for e-commerce

We make billions of product variants possible for real-time rendering, and deliver millions of buyable configurable products to enterprise clients with stability, speed and exceptional detail. No SKU is too basic, no SKU is too complex. We handle it all.

Your success is our success.
Your success is our success

3D Cloud offers comprehensive customer success programs which include regular business reviews to keep your teams current on the performance of the apps. Our team goes above and beyond to provide updates, training, and project visibility.

Furniture and home improvement retailers trust 3D Cloud

Our 3D product visualization platform is a robust, enterprise solution trusted by top retailers everywhere.