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‘Inspired by Pinterest Trends,’ for 3D Cloud Room Planner

Turn inspiration into online sales

Shoppers love to design with buyable products straight from Pinterest Trends-inspired scenes. Exclusively available with 3D Cloud Room Planners.

'Inspired by Pinterest Trends'

“Pinterest is the go-to for people planning furniture, home remodeling, and home decor purchases. 3D Cloud and Joybird uniquely understand how it plays into purchase decisions.”

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Andy Holton
Director of Creative Strategy 

Activate ‘Inspired by Pinterest Trends’ in any 3D Room Planner

Turn on this 3D Cloud exclusive feature to create a dynamic collection of Design from Photo images based on Pinterest Trends data. Integration takes just a few weeks.


  • 25% save rate
  • 60% increase in average order value
  • Connect Pinterest campaigns to real transactions
Unlock 3D Room Planner's special feature

Connect inspiration to sales

Shoppers can design their ultimate living space directly from the on-trend images that inspired them. When a design is complete, the shopper can easily add-to-cart and checkout or create a bill of materials.

Proven performance

3D Cloud’s patented Design from Photo keeps users
engaged longer and leads to bigger sales.


Save rate


Add-to-cart rate


Increase in
average order value

“For the first time, shoppers can design directly from the Joybird photos that inspired them without having to hunt to find the products.”

Eric Tsai
Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Joybird

“Being able to build a room this way really gives the customer a sense of what works and what doesn’t work in the space and in the end will help them make buying decisions with a greater sense of confidence.”

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Robert Hopps
Senior Director of Furniture at Macy’s

Furniture and home improvement retailers trust 3D Cloud

Our 3D product visualization platform is a robust, enterprise solution trusted by top retailers everywhere.