Marxent in the news talking about Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and the future of retail
Bold Business

Bold Business: Transforming The Future Of Retail Using Virtual Reality

Bold Business talks to Marxent CEO Beck Besecker about how Augmented and Virtual Reality are improving the future of retail.

CNBC: Macy’s Virtual Reality push unveiled at Shoptalk

CNBC's Courtney Reagan reports the highlights of her interview with Macy's CEO Jeff Gennette at the Shoptalk Conference, including the company's big push into Virtual Reality.

Macy’s, Inc. partners with Marxent to launch in-store Virtual Reality furniture shopping

Macy's in-store Virtual Reality furniture shopping experience scales to 60 locations this year.


Diminished Reality will have as much power as AR for retailers

Marxent CEO Beck Besecker explains Diminished Reality in this guest piece for VentureBeat.

Casual Living

The Future is 3-D – What Apple’s ARKit means for the furniture industry

Casual Living talked to Marxent CEO Beck Besecker for an insider's prospective on the effect ARKit is having on the furniture industry.

Next Reality

Marxent Prepared to Deploy Content for ARKit Apps

Next Reality News talked to Marxent CEO Beck Besecker about Apple's ARKit, 3D Furniture Cloud™ and the future of AR for retail.


ComputerWorld: Apple’s ARKit needs a CMS to reach its potential

ComputerWorld's Johnny Evans talked to Marxent CEO Beck Besecker about developer's need for a CMS to get the most out of Apple's AR SDK.

dayton daily news

Dayton Daily News: Marxent’s virtual home design experience

Dayton Daily News profiles Marxent, the Kettering company on the cutting edge of Virtual Reality solutions for retailers and manufacturers.

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