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Room Visualizers for Furniture

The easy way to sell furniture sets online. Like Amazon Showroom, only better.

An inspiring, intuitive, and mobile-friendly way for shoppers to configure and buy furniture sets. Launch within 6-8 weeks.

Room Visualizer for Furniture E-commerce
“We choose 3D Cloud™ by Marxent not only for their visualization platforms, but also their partnering approach to help us stay ahead of the sea of new technologies to better serve our customers.”
Jason Heredia
Vice President of Product & Design 

Visualizers for every room in the home


Living Room



Dining Room

Dining Room

Office Chairs

Home Office

Make it easy for shoppers to build furniture bundles or
room sets using inspirational background scenes for context.

The best way to sell room sets online

3D Cloud’s mobile-friendly Room Visualizers provide a series of fixed backgrounds paired with a collection of rendered 3D products that are captured from a defined vantage point. It’s like a personalized showroom that allows shoppers a quick and easy way to select and visualize furniture bundles.

Best way to sell rooms sets online
Mobile Friendly


Over fifty percent of Americans shop on their mobile devices. Turn mobile browsers into buyers by helping them configure and buy a whole room of furniture from their smartphone.

The power of visualization

Viewing a product in context changes the buyer experience.
Room Visualizers help seal the deal.


Avg. minutes
per session


Design leads per session



Don't just sell a sofa, sell the room

Don’t just sell a sofa,
sell the room

How will it all look together? Online furniture transactions are stalled by this question every day. With 3D Cloud Room Visualizers, shoppers can mix and match products and check out in five minutes or less.

Buyable products in context

Illustrate furniture SKUs with accurate textures and finishes; represented to scale; and in a context that makes visual sense. Background images can be changed independently of products.

Buyable Products

Furniture and home improvement retailers trust 3D Cloud

Our 3D product visualization platform is a robust, enterprise solution trusted by top retailers everywhere.