American Woodmark AR Visualization App with VR Mode

The American Woodmark Augmented Reality product visualization app with stunning 3D products eliminates the need for costly samples and endless warehouse space.
Configure and visualize with this product visualization app

See how customers are using this 3D Cloud™ Mobile app to customize and visualize cabinets.

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Configure and visualize with this product visualization app

See how customers are using this 3D Cloud™ Mobile app to customize and visualize cabinets.

What is the American Woodmark Augmented Reality Visualization App?

The American Woodmark Augmented Reality App with VR Mode uses View In Room Augmented Reality to provide the company’s nationwide network of homebuilders, independent dealers and distributors to showcase the company’s full line of cabinets and hardware without the need for endless showrooms and warehouse space. The app is a robust in-store sales tool that allows shoppers to mix and match the company’s large selection of styles, colors and hardware using an innovative mix of Augmented Reality and a 3D Virtual Reality mode. The result is that a wider variety of products and options are presented to the shopper, expanding sales beyond just what’s in the showroom to the rest of the product line.

Why build a product configuration and visualization app to sell cabinets?

American Woodmark had an interesting dilemma: The sheer variety of cabinet styles and product options the company offers makes providing tangible access to a full product line prohibitively expensive. They wanted to control their costs on samples and to give consumers better tools for exploring their options and making decisions. To get around this, dealers had been using product books or making due with a limited catalog of expensive and cumbersome samples.

Something had to change, and American Woodmark took the initiative in building a mobile application that could be used by its sales associates to showcase the company’s full product line — which includes over 500 styles of kitchen and bath cabinets — without the need for the physical products themselves.

Using an iPad and VR mode to visualize a new cabinets

Using Marxent’s 3D Cloud™, the American Woodmark app allows the company’s network of dealerships to present shoppers with a stunning assortment of 3D products. In VR design mode, shoppers are invited to pinch, zoom and customize cabinet options to their heart’s content, before moving on to selecting hardware and color schemes. Sales associates then take the final product to a specialist, who creates a more technical design.

  1. Sales associate leads customer to app
  2. Associate guides the customer through each step
  3. Customer selects bathroom or kitchen by opening a static scene
  4. Swap out cabinet styles/designs
  5. Add color, finishes, hardware and glass features
  6. Replace appliances, oven hoods, doors and other scene elements
  7. Design is saved to the device and handed off to a specialist for technical drawing
  8. Specialist produces a final drawing based on the customer’s selections

American Woodmark product visualization app features

The American Woodmark Augmented Reality App uses Marxent’s 3D Cloud™ to present products to consumers in stunning 3D detail. App features include:

  • Innovative VR mode allowing for 3D design and customization
  • Full line of American Woodmark products included in app
  • Gorgeous 3D animations and renderings bring products to life
  • Offline mode allows for use without an Internet connection

What is 3D Cloud™?

3D Cloud™ is the award-winning cloud-based content management system and suite of Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions for manufacturers, retailers and homebuilders. 3D Cloud™ AR and VR experiences scale to the enterprise, build buyer confidence and deliver sales.

3D Cloud™
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