Lowe’s Holoroom, Virtual Reality for Retail – 3D Cloud™ VR Showroom

This 3D Virtual Reality app helps Lowe's Home Improvement customers visualize complex remodeling projects.
Lowe's Holoroom Virtual Reality for Retail

See how Lowe's is using 3D Cloud™ in retail stores.

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Lowe's Holoroom Virtual Reality for Retail

See how Lowe's is using 3D Cloud™ in retail stores.

The Lowe’s Holoroom was recognized with an Auggie award for Best Enterprise Augmented Reality Solution at the 2015 Augmented World Expo and was a Finalist for Top Tech of CES 2015 by Digital Trends. More recently, Marxent was awarded Best of IBS: Best Kitchen Product at the 2016 International Builders’ Show.

Next-generation Lowe’s Holoroom available at select retail stores

The Lowe’s Holoroom Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality experience is now available in Lowe’s Home Improvement stores in select US markets. The experience combines an in-store iPad kitchen and bathroom design app with Oculus DK2 Virtual Reality viewing experience. Once users are satisfied with their selections, designs can be exported to YouTube 360 for viewing at home with a Google Cardboard. Learn more here.

What is the Lowe’s Holoroom 3D Virtual Reality shopping experience?

A project of Lowe’s Home Improvement, Lowe’s Innovation Labs and SciFutures, the Lowe’s Holoroom is powered by Marxent’s 3D Cloud™ 3D Cloud, the virtual products platform. VisualCommerce 3D Cloud enables Lowe’s to manage thousands of SKUs as virtual 3D objects, along with their associated meta data. With the ability to populate a 3D space with actual products stocked by Lowe’s, Lowe’s shoppers can design their perfect bathroom or kitchen and literally walk into it, share it via YouTube 360 and then buy the products to turn their virtual design into reality.

Using Oculus and 3D Virtual Reality to visualize products – and projects

The Lowe’s Holoroom helps Lowe’s Home Improvement customers to design bathroom remodeling projects and envision their material selections together in 3D space. This immersive shopping experience facilitates the buying process in two steps. First, shoppers engage with Lowe’s products with a tactile design process that they control on an iPad, then they experience the products in a full-size 3D visualization by using an Oculus Rift in-store.

  1. Shoppers design their bathroom with the help of a trained sales associate.
  2. Users are empowered to make selections for tile, countertops, sinks, faucets, appliances, toilets and other finishes and products in endless configurations.
  3. Once satisfied with the initial design, the user dons an Oculus Rift headset which allows them to experience their created space in 3D Virtual Reality.
  4. While wearing the Oculus, a Lowe’s concierge can help the shopper to trade out their selections such as paint colors, appliances, and more.
  5. When the design is complete, it can be exported to YouTube 360 for sharing and for viewing at home with a Lowe’s-supplied Google Cardboard.

Holoroom Features

    • Dynamic download allows for limitless 3D products to be used, and a cache server updates products to make them available immediately to users with no latency. The Lowe’s Holoroom browsing experience includes multi-tiered categories, multiple product images, filtered lists, and featured alternate products.
    • The Holoroom experience gives customers a new way to browse and experience product collections. Customers respond to new, engaging ways of experiencing products, especially personalized, immersive uses of mobile technology.
    • The experience of designing and stepping into a 3D Virtual Reality room builds enthusiasm for the purchase and the 3D view helps shoppers confirm their product selections.
    • Custom analytics allow Lowe’s to drive future decisions based on user behavior.

How the original Lowe’s Holoroom (v1.0) worked

  1. Shoppers walked into the Holoroom area of participating Lowe’s stores to begin the experience. Specially trained Lowe’s associates provided assistance as shoppers designed their bathroom using the Holoroom app.
  2. Shoppers began designing their room on an iPad, first selecting the size and shape of their room, along with the color and tile of walls and floor. Next, shoppers filled their room with a collection or individual 3D products, adjusting their position by touching and dragging.
  3. To view their design, customers walked into the Holoroom holding an iPad and experienced their room in 3D space, at full size. They could walk around their room to judge the layout and see the spaces between products. Shoppers could zoom into products to see textures up close.
  4. Each virtual room design was saved and printed for customers to take home, along with product information, pricing, and details down to paint swatch colors and the number of tiles used. Shoppers also walked away with a universal trackable they could use to launch a mini-holoroom augmented reality view of their room at home with the My Holoroom app.

Where to see the Lowe’s Holoroom

The original Holoroom was installed in two Lowe’s pilot stores in Canada. Lowe’s brought the Holoroom experience to CES 2015 in Las Vegas Nevada, and accompanied the experience with virtual reality views of rooms via Oculus Rift headsets. The next-generation Lowe’s Holoroom rolled out to Lowe’s Home Improvement stores in Ohio and Colorado in time for 2015 holiday shopping. It has since expanded to more than 15 locations in multiple states.

What is 3D Cloud™?

3D Cloud™ is the award-winning cloud-based content management system and suite of Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions for manufacturers, retailers and homebuilders. 3D Cloud™ AR and VR experiences scale to the enterprise, build buyer confidence and deliver sales.

VisualCommerce™ 3D Cloud for Retail
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Client Testimonial
"After about five visits with a traditional kitchen designer I was about ready to quit. The Lowe's Holoroom helped me to turn my vision into reality. Now, I can't wait to enjoy my new kitchen."
- Shalene Luddingham, Lowe's shopper and Lowe's Holoroom user

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