Robern Designer — 3D Room Designer

The Robern Designer visualization tool allows customers to preview an unlimited number of product configurations from their own home.
Robern Designer — 3D Room Designer

Pick and place vanities, mirrors, medicine cabinets and more with the Robern Designer.

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Robern Designer — 3D Room Designer

Pick and place vanities, mirrors, medicine cabinets and more with the Robern Designer.

The Robern Designer – renovations done right

The Robern Designer Web Configurator — a WebGL app built with Marxent’s 3D Cloud™ 3D Room Planner — let’s shoppers pick and place bathroom vanities, mirrors, medicine cabinets, lighting and more by using a in-browser application. The Robern Designer uses three pre-constructed scenes to provide clients with some inspirational perspective and help them visualize a bathroom redesign.

Pick and place upgrades through the magic of WebGL

The Robern Designer’s pre-rendered scenes include a master bathroom, full bathroom, and a “pro space,” which is designed for the customer who wants to go deep with one fixture or piece of furniture, without considering other aspects of the room like lighting or vanities. While the bathroom scenes are meant to be highly customizable, the “Pro Space” drills down to focus on a single piece rather than a whole room. Once a space is selected, the user can swap out mirrors, cabinets, lighting, vanities and more, until they arrive at their ideal bathroom.

The ultimate tool for showrooms and private designers

Targeted toward showrooms and designers, the Robern Designer allows the user to preview an endless number of product permutations. In the showroom setting, where consumers are coming in to learn about products, the Robern Designer is a vital educational tool, informing customers about modularity, functionality, and configurability of the product. For the independent designer who does bathroom remodels but is not attached to a showroom, the Robern Designer makes it possible to show off endless product options without the need for costly or bulky samples.

The Robern Designer makes it possible to show a client an exact configuration, allowing them to understand what the items will look like, what the colors will be, and provide a general sense of how the product or products will look in the client’s space.

Design innovation at your fingertips

To help bring Robern Designer to life, Robern has partnered with Marxent, the leader in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technology for home builders, retailers, and manufacturers. Marxent’s 3D Cloud™ platform allows customers to configure and visualize Robern products with photo-quality realism.

Robern Designer is so easy to use that any homeowner, designer, architect or showroom can build out their space and try different products and configurations. It approaches the design process from a variety of angles:

  • Inspiration: The Robern Designer’s guided approach allows users to select the best products for their space and gives confidence that whichever piece the customer selects will be a perfect fit.
  • Product Selection: With simple menus and intuitive filters, Robern Designer will recommend the pieces that fit your space and your needs.
  • Design: The simple, drag-and-drop tool lets you design your room in real-time, mixing and matching products, and seeing the results in 3D. You can even change the time of day to view the night light features.
  • Ordering: When you’re finished, use the tool to create a bill of materials and get connected to a showroom near you or request a quote.

How the Robern Designer works:

1. Customer goes to a Robern showroom or meets with a independent designer who specializes in Robern products.
2. There’s some conversation where customer needs are narrowed down.
3. Sales associate walks client through the Robern WebGL web app process.
4. Client first picks a bathroom style from — 3 pre-rendered scenes, within which customers can swap out wall color, and all available Robern products (mirrors, cabinets, lighting, vanities).
5. Once complete, client can view their design using a 360-degree camera. Lights and time of day can be changed, because lighting is a big part of what Robert sells, and this provides a realistic look at the effect those lights will have on the space.

The future of the Robern Designer

Robern and Marxent are continuing work on the Robern Designer, and some notable changes are coming soon. The biggest change will be the addition of user-generated content, as more and more customers document their use of the app in redesigning their bathrooms.

3D Cloud™ works for retailers

Major retailers such as Ashley Furniture rely on the 3D Cloud™ suite of products platform is robust, mature and built for retail. Publication options include custom branded apps (white label) or integration into an existing mobile app (SDK).

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