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3D Advertising, WebAR, and Marketing

Google AR search, WebAR 3D advertising, and 3D for photo replacement

If you’re not already using 3D technologies like WebAR, USDZ-powered AR Quick Look to power and amplify your marketing reach, we can help you get started. Marxent® 3D Cloud can power an exciting range of 3D applications that can fuel social media, search marketing, and 3D advertising content needs.

WebAR 3D advertising and ad products

Google AR for visual search

Customers can now launch 3D models of your products in Augmented Reality directly from a Google search results page. 3D Cloud CMS allows for the easy output of glTF files that are instantly compatible with Google AR search.

WebAR 3D advertising and ad products

From furniture and tech to CPG, brands including Leon’s Furniture, Nespresso, Google Home, Takis, and Beyond Burgers are using WebAR 3D content and advertising to drive engagement and awareness. WebAR 3D ads encourage interactivity. Leverage the same 3D models that are used for other 3D Cloud applications into USDZ or glTF ads or AR Quick Look products and allow users to play with branded, buyable products in 3D. 

Google AR for visual search
3D Advertising and Marketing - 3D For Social Media

Social Rooms™ by Marxent – 3D for social media teams

Create endless new scenes that are merchandised to marketing objectives and share them on social media. Ideal for marketers looking to promote and drive traffic to 3D Room Planner apps or for digital marketing campaigns on social media sites.

3D for lifestyle photo replacement

Photography is costly and impractical when looking to produce product images at scale. Use 3D models to replace high-cost photo shoots with high-quality 3D renders. It is now possible to illuminate the details of products with accuracy while showing off a range of variations with realistic lighting.

3D Advertising and Marketing - 3D for Lifestyle Photo Replacement

Top retailers trust the Marxent® 3D Cloud

The 3D product visualization platform trusted by Macy’s, John Lewis Partners, Ashley Furniture, AZEK Building Products and others, 3D Cloud is robust, mature and built for the enterprise.