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Marxent® 3D Cloud Platform

The Marxent® 3D Cloud Platform

The Marxent® 3D Cloud Platform is the leading SaaS for retailers and manufacturers investing in an enterprise-wide, omnichannel 3D content strategy. The 3D Cloud CMS makes it easy to upload, configure and distribute 3D assets across Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, web and mobile applications while optimizing for realism and speed. 3D Cloud downloads content on request, eliminating the need for in-app Unity bundles and unleashing the potential for unlimited 3D product catalogs. It offers everything you need to build a winning 3D product strategy — 3D Cloud scales to the enterprise, builds buyer confidence and delivers powerful analytics.

3D Room Designer

3D Room Designer for both mobile and web turns sales associates into inspired designers with easy to use tools. Ask about Marxent’s patent-pending Photo to Floorplan™ design solution.

View in Room and Design in Room™ AR

Marxent’s Augmented Reality visualization apps combine Apple ARKit and Android ARCore with proprietary “Instant Initialization” tracking, making it ideal for ecommerce apps.

VR Showroom

Marxent’s proprietary iPad-to-headset Virtual Reality solution provides a premium endless aisle shopping experience within a small retail footprint.

Ecommerce Product Visualizations

Ecommerce Product Visualizations include 360 Product Spins and Product Configurators, the best way to get started with a future-proof 3D product strategy.

Real-Time Realism

Marxent’s 3D Cloud decouples assets to deliver the perfect combination of speed and realism. Our solutions independently manage product geometries and materials in a database governed by product business rules. 3D assets are downloaded from the cloud, configured in real time and served across devices and platforms.


Manage an unlimited number of products seamlessly, while maintaining the speed and quality that customers demand. Whether it’s 5,000 products or 500,000, 3D Cloud makes it easy to manage a product catalog with business rules and endless product permutations.


Our “Create Once, Use Everywhere” approach means a single 3D asset delivers exception realism and speed no matter the application. The 3D Cloud CMS manages geometry, materials, behavioral data and assemblies across applications, guaranteeing a consistent experience every time.

Built For The Enterprise

Used by Macy’s, Office Depot, Ashley Furniture, AZEK Building Products and others, 3D Cloud is robust, mature and built for the enterprise. Publication options include custom branded apps or integration into an existing app.