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Augmented Reality Shopping Apps – AR Furniture

The fastest AR technology for ecommerce

Built with speed in mind, Marxent Augmented Reality apps and AR technology render up to 10x faster than ARKit or ARCore alone. Powered by the Marxent® 3D Cloud, 3D products can be deployed via a simple SDK in an existing ecommerce app or through a white-label Augmented Reality app.

Augmented Reality Furniture - Ecommerce

AR content developed for ecommerce

Marxent AR is built for commerce, which means it’s built to perform at business speed. Every second of lag time is a lost sale and a lost opportunity, which is why our AR solutions feature fast initializations and load times. With Marxent AR, customers jump from product page to product page quickly and add items directly to cart in seconds.

Smart Augmented Reality content investment

Make your content investment with an eye toward tomorrow. Marxent Augmented Reality is built on Marxent® 3D Cloud to amortize your content investment. Ensure that 3D assets are ready for AR today but also what’s next — whether it’s 360 Product Spins, Virtual Reality or applications you haven’t dreamed up yet.

Augmented Reality Furniture - Content Investment
Augmented Reality Furniture - Apps

Augmented Reality apps with proven results

Marxent 3D Cloud-powered AR apps combine great performance with measurable return on investment. With turnkey deployment that requires minimal resources, our AR clients are doubling their conversion rates on mobile devices and seeing as much as 20% lift to average order value when the shopper has used the AR “view in room” feature.

AR SDKs and white-label AR apps

Marxent’s AR solutions pair the industry-standard Apple ARKit and Google ARCore SDKs with Marxent’s own proprietary MxT tracking for a lightning fast implementation that’s designed for commerce. Our AR SDK is hyper-efficient and provides for reusability of assets across other platforms and 3D content experiences.

Augmented Reality Furniture - AR SDK + White Label Apps

Top retailers trust the Marxent® 3D Cloud

The 3D product visualization platform trusted by Macy’s, John Lewis Partners, Ashley Furniture, AZEK Building Products and others, 3D Cloud is robust, mature and built for the enterprise.