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Augmented Reality Furniture Apps

Augmented Reality Furniture Apps

Marxent’s Augmented Reality furniture apps and AR SDK offer incredible realism, rock-solid stability, and the most product configuration options available. Our patent-pending MxT Tracking with Instant Initialization eliminates latency and delivers a consistent AR experience across platforms and devices. Seamless integration with 3D Cloud™ means furniture shoppers can place an unlimited number of 3D products into a real-world context using the camera on most standard tablets and smartphones.


Explore each 3D product from any distance or viewing angle.


Place multiple product assemblies into a scene and see them interact.

Diminished Reality™

Marxent’s proprietary Diminished Reality™ technology lets users instantly remove real world items from a scene.

Price and quote

For each scene, export a detailed bill of goods.

View in Room and Design in Room™ AR

The proven markerless AR solutions for in-field and direct-to-consumer sales. Marxent’s AR solutions allow users to place single items (View in Room) or multiple items that interact in realistic ways (Design In Room™) into a scene. The choice of major furniture retailers such as Macy’s and Ashley HomeStores, View in Room and Design in Room™ features include high-fidelity visualization, configuration, and dual-mode operation so you always get the best experience possible.


Marxent’s Augmented Reality solutions work seamlessly with Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARCore SDKs, bringing OS-level compatibility to both custom and white label applications. The 3D Cloud CMS quickly serves thousands of product combinations with lightning fast speed and amazing visual fidelity, while also collecting powerful analytics that help businesses better understand their customers, no matter how they shop.

ARKit Initialization Accelerator

One way MxT improves the AR experience is with “Instant Initialization.” Apple’s ARKit has a problem. Yes, the SDK is a big hit with developers (including those here at Marxent), and the software is stabile, well-designed, and makes it easier to build AR apps for the iOS platform. But ARKit also takes way too long to detect a surface plane and spawn 3D images — often leaving users wonder what happened. MxT picks up the slack, delivering a fast, realistic AR experience no matter which platform or device your customers choose.