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Marxent’s 3D Cloud™ makes it easy to deploy 360 Product Spins and interactive online product configurators. 360 Product Spins are an easy, cost-effective way for retailers and manufacturers to offer customers on-demand personalization at the product detail level. Marxent’s ecommerce solutions use fully configured 3D products created in real time, and can manage millions of assets across platforms with our exclusive content management system.

Personalized 3D Spins

Show customers exactly what they are looking for.

Real-Time Realism

Assemble products in real time using business rules.

All You Can Eat

On demand publishing allows for infinite combinations.

No Setup Fees

Flat-fee pricing means pay once, use 3D models across solutions.

Future Ready

Product catalog updates automatically.

360 Spins

Exploring CGI for photo replacement? 75% of images now appearing in furniture catalogs are CGI. 360 Product Spins eliminate the turntable photo shoot, using rich media to create an eye-catching digital version of a full product line. A recent study by Bright North revealed that high-quality product images convert sales at three times the rate of relatively low-quality images. Marxent’s methodology creates a highly configured 3D product on demand, then uses it across solutions, making it efficient and cost-effective for businesses with extensive product catalogs.

Product Configurator

Marxent’s Product Configurator can show an unlimited number of product permutations without the need for high-performance hardware. Capable of everything from simple configuration to complex, multi-layer assemblies created according to detailed business rules, the 3D Cloud-powered Product Configurator is an on demand design experience that puts control at the shopper’s fingertips. Customization is key — 71% of consumers say they’d pay a premium for a customized product — and Marxent’s Product Configurator lets shoppers investigate products in detail, increasing conversion rates and basket size.