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360 Product Spins



360 Product Spins

Allow your customers to create and see exactly what they want to buy. Powered by the Marxent® 3D Cloud, our 360 Product Spins API and Dynamic Spin Server deliver next-generation speed and unlimited personalization to e-commerce product detail pages. Instead of relying on expensive, rigid CGI or product photography, Marxent’s 360 Product Spins are created on-demand from product data. Simple catalog? We can help! Super complex catalog? Crowdsource content creation directly from your users as they request them.

Personalized 360 Product Spins

Show customers exactly what they are looking for.

Real-Time Realism

Assemble products in real time using business rules.

All You Can Eat

Pay a flat fee for infinite combinations.

No Setup Fees

Flat-fee pricing means pay once, use 3D models across solutions.

Future Ready

Product catalog updates automatically.

360 Product Spins

There’s no limit to the number of variations and our all-inclusive content plan means that you don’t have to pick and choose. Compatible with most mobile and web browser-based shopping experiences, implementation is a snap. Our spins export to multiple formats and are compatible with most mobile and web browser-based shopping experiences. Use our 3D content API to deliver realistic thumbnails wherever they are needed. The best part? Implement Marxent® 3D Cloud-powered 360 Product Spins now and use the same 3D content library for Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, USDZ and more in the future.

Product Configurator for 3D Product Visualization

Marxent’s Product Configurator for 3D Product Visualization can show an unlimited number of product permutations without the need for high-performance hardware. Capable of everything from simple configuration to complex, multi-layer assemblies created according to detailed business rules, the 3D Cloud-powered Product Configurator is an on demand design experience that puts control at the shopper’s fingertips. Customization is key — 71% of consumers say they’d pay a premium for a customized product — and Marxent’s Product Configurator for 3D Product Visualization lets shoppers investigate products in detail, increasing conversion rates and basket size.