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Social Rooms™ by Marxent – Social Content Creator

Produce stunning assets for social media without specialized skills.

Say goodbye to stale product photography with Social Rooms™ by Marxent, the #INSPO headquarters for social media teams supporting the home furnishings and home improvement industries. With minimal training, social media editors can independently create and publish a constant stream of fresh interior scenes and visual campaigns to inspire, attract, and retain social media followers and influencers.  

Marxent® 3D Cloud 3D Asset Management

Fresh content daily

Say goodbye to stale content, improve return-user engagement, and increase dwell time with an endless stream of unique, low-cost interior scenes, merchandised to marketing objectives. Share content on social media, in email and across other customer touchpoints.

The speed you need

How much speed do you need? Customize render speed and quality configurations to suit your specific business use-case. Renders can be produced in as little as 7 seconds. Stop waiting and start sharing.

Marxent® 3D Cloud - Self-Service or Managed?
Marxent® 3D Cloud - Collaborate and orchestrate

Get started quickly

No involved training or seat licenses are required, just a few simple instructions. Before you can wink, your social media team will be furnishing and sharing room designs and problem-solution content.

Attract influencers

When you share a Social Rooms™ image on social media, deep link to a 3D “project” version of the room. Influencers will love interacting with and customize 3D versions of the 2D scenes that they find inspiring.

Marxent® 3D Cloud - 3D asset management that scales
Marxent® 3D Cloud - Collaborate and orchestrate

Reuse 3D Cloud assets

Amortize your 3D content investment by deploying the same 3D models to multiple customer touchpoints with Marxent® 3D Cloud. Reuse the 3D Cloud content in Room Planner apps, AR apps,and more.

Custom renders at an affordable price

Social media savvy

Social Rooms™ by Marxent balances configurability and asset reuse with speed and image quality. Low cost, on-demand fresh content.

Pick your speed

Depending on how much speed and power a client needs, Marxent can assign multiple GPU’s to reduce render times and ensure speed.

Stills or panos

The Marxent 3D Cloud rendering engine generates panorama or standard-view still images from projects saved in the Marxent 3D Room Planner.

Control costs

Social Rooms™ by Marxent leverages cloud resources to control costs, while still providing as accurate a path tracing model as possible.

Runs on GCP

Secure, trusted, and fast, the request, rendering, and saving of the final images is all handled by Google Cloud Platform.

Top retailers trust the Marxent® 3D Cloud

The 3D product visualization platform trusted by Macy’s, John Lewis Partners, Ashley Furniture, AZEK Building Products and others, 3D Cloud is robust, mature and built for the enterprise.