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Virtual Reality Shopping Apps

Virtual Reality Shopping Apps – VR Shopping for Furniture and Kitchens

Give shoppers a premium in-store VR furniture shopping or kitchen design experience with Marxent’s Virtual Reality Showroom, powered by the Marxent® 3D Cloud. Marxent’s Virtual Reality shopping apps are the proprietary multi-user VR networking solution that delivers sick realism, blazing fast speed, and a “wow factor” that creates unstoppable buzz and repeat customers. VR Showroom pairs an easy to use iPad Room Designer with a stunning 3D visualization experience that’s proven to build basket size and drastically reduce returns.

Intuitive shopping

Our iPad design app pairs seamlessly with an HTC Vive.


Combine multiple 3D Products in real time.


Explore each custom room in 360-degree 3D Virtual Reality.

Miniaturize the showroom

Go from a large format to Main Street retail footprint.

Attribution and analytics

Visit attribution and sales analytics to measure ROI.

User management

Create accounts and share projects through the project portal.

Exceptional Customer Experience

VR Showroom’s proprietary, real-time multi-user experience provides a emotional, connected customer experience, and is the ideal solution for retailers looking to innovate with the latest VR technology. Marxent’s iPad Room Designer makes it easy for anyone (no design experience required!) to create a realistic digital facsimile of their real world space and fill it with gorgeous 3D products. Shoppers view potential purchases in their own space, answering questions about fit and functionality before they’re even asked.

Real-Time Realism

Realistic 3D products are essential in today’s marketplace, and VR Showroom puts a full product line in front of prospective customers without the costs, complications and physical limitations that come with real-world inventory. A full-featured 3D Virtual Reality design studio and showroom, VR Showroom can display an unlimited number of stunningly realistic 3D products, managed and rendered in real time by the 3D Cloud Content Management System.

Scale to the enterprise

Currently in use by Macy’s, Office Depot and other major retailers, VR Showroom includes an in-store 3D VR showroom app template and retail-ready installed experience that’s proven to increase basket size and dramatically reducing returns. VR Showroom is primarily paired with an HTC Vive HMD, but is also compatible with Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR and other VR headsets.

Always-On Support

Marxent’s 24/7 customer service is a retailer’s best friend. Our White Glove service includes development, set-up, training, and post-implementation support that is second to none in the industry. With Marxent’s VR Showroom, help is always a phone call away.