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Why Marxent

“The benefit for retailers is that Marxent’s tools offer a better, more controlled experience that draws customers into the store, enabling higher conversion rates.”
– Fung Global Retail & Technology

3D Design And Visualization
For The Home

At Marxent, we’re not just the leader in 3D design and visualization for retailers, we are experts in technology adoption and innovation. Every day, we work with retailers to train retail sales people on how to use our 3D Room Designer, consolidate 3D efforts across organizations, convert 2D product catalogs to 3D, and deploy 3D design experiences across a wide assortment of at-home and in-store applications.

Mobile and Web / AR & VR

Marxent’s industry-leading 3D Cloud™ and 3D Room Designer applications are blazing fast and easy to use. 3D Cloud empowers retailers to manage multiple front-end applications from the same core content library — no more maxing out apps or bogging them down with unmanageable content. 3D Cloud removes the friction from the big-ticket sales process. The results: increased basket size, reduced returns and happy customers.

The Marxent Way

White Glove Service

Always-on support from assigned Project and Account Managers who stay with you every step of the way.

Works Everywhere

Omnichannel 3D Content

For deploying everything from 3D spins to your website to Virtual Reality in-store. Create content once and use it everywhere it needs to be.

Roadmap Management

A Futureproof 3D Strategy

Our Product Roadmap ensures that you’re ready for the future before it happens.

Research & Development

Always Inventing

From Diminished Reality™ to realism and beyond, our R&D team is solving for the future of retail customer experience.

Subscription-Based Pricing

Beautifully Simple

Pay a base fee for 3D Cloud and a flat subscription for each new application. No seat licenses, no session fees, no complexity. Add new 3D applications at your own pace.

Speed to Market

Get Started Quickly

Prove out your assumptions and get early data with a three month pilot. It’s a great way to launch a larger effort with confidence.

Data Driven

Make smart, informed decisions

Love actionable data? So do we. At Marxent, we go the extra mile to ensure that you understand performance, ROI and optimization opportunities.

Fun to Work With

Enjoy The Process

Marxent is a down-to-earth company that makes out-of-this-world software. Our highly skilled team is as good at client support as they are at developing industry-leading software.

Our Vision

Our vision is to simplify major, semi-custom home purchases and make them as easy as buying an airline ticket.

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The Leaders in AR, VR and 3D Room Design Solutions for Furniture and Home Improvement

First Kitchen in VR, First Living Room in VR, First Deck in AR.

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What We Do, What You Do.

Marxent does most of the heavy lifting. You’ll want to assign a project manager who can help manage and communicate about the project internally as well as gather and provide source material for creating 3D Content, such as product page links, photos and images along with any branding materials for white-labeling the app.

What We Do

  • Collaborate to map your customer journey vision
  • Develop and measure KPIs and ROI model
  • Define the user flow for the end-to-end customer experience
  • Project planning
  • Define roles and responsibilities
  • Launch and post-launch tech support
  • Training materials and strategies
  • Promotion support and best practices

What You Do

  • Assign a project manager
  • Deliver content resources and branding materials
  • Communicate regularly with the Marxent team
  • Depending on the project, there may be other asks