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More convincing than a catalog, VisualCommerce™ helps customers to visualize exactly what they want to buy.
Augmented Reality App for Sales

This 3D Augmented Reality app puts the power of "real" into the pockets of sales people.

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Augmented Reality App for Sales

This 3D Augmented Reality app puts the power of "real" into the pockets of sales people.

3D Interactive Augmented Reality Sales App

This concept app shows how VisualCommerce™ can be used to configure and customize a large-scale product in a 3D interactive AR sales experience. To see a live demo of the app, please contact us to schedule a demo. Carry an entire catalog – the bulkiest components of your catalog in an iPad app.

How this AR demo app works

  1. Download the iPad app*
  2. Lay down the pre-printed AR target image
  3. Open the iPad app
  4. Point the iPad camera at the AR target image
  5. Select a pre-configured tool chest model
  6. Change color and configuration to suit. Toolboxes are modular and have options, such as a tool shelf that floats above the chest, a cabinet, different drawer sizes, air compressors, a tire changer, lifts, etc… Use app to configure these options and to preview larger items in detail and in real-world context.
  7. Save custom configuration for viewing and sharing later

*This app is not available for public download. 

What is VisualCommerce™, the virtual products platform?

VisualCommerce™  is the only proven virtual products platform and CMS for Augmented and Virtual Reality experiences. 3D products allows for upload of 3D models, along with management and maintenance of thousands of objects and products (SKUs). Using Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality views and advanced content management, VisualCommerce is a powerful sales tool designed to empower shoppers with design tools and assist in visualizing and buying semi-custom products.  Learn more about VisualCommerce

VisualCommerce™ for Manufacturers
Get more info on VisualCommerce™ Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solutions for retailers and manufacturers. Call Beck Besecker at 727.851.9522.
Call us: 727-851-9522

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