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The Hevvy Pump Augmented Reality app allows the user to interact with and customize 3D products in amazing detail.
Toyo Hevvy Pump Augmented Reality App

See how customers are using the Hevvy Pump Augmented Reality app to preview amazing 3D products.

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Toyo Hevvy Pump Augmented Reality App

See how customers are using the Hevvy Pump Augmented Reality app to preview amazing 3D products.

What is the Toyo Hevvy Pump Augmented Reality App?

When Toyo wanted to unveil their revolutionary new Hevvy Pumps, the company turned to an Augmented Reality solution to showcase their technological advancements and reinforce the message that they’re breaking new ground. The Hevvy Pump Augmented Reality app is a high tech method for introducing customers to a high tech product, presenting the new pump in amazing detail, and allowing the viewer interact with it in Augmented Reality, and in special 3D Virtual Reality or X-Ray modes.

Why choose an Augmented Reality app for a trade show?

The use of an Augmented Reality app to introducing a new, large-scale industrial technology allowed Toyo to eliminate expensive transport and production costs for event support, let buyers visualize the equipment and see it in action, and served to differentiate Hevvy-branded products from those of the competition thanks to the innovative nature of the demonstration. The pump Toyo wanted to show off didn’t actually exist at the time, but VisualCommerce™ allows for rapid digital prototyping and market testing, which enables them to see how customers react before tooling up for a multi-million dollar manufacturing run.

In this case, Toyo was able to show off the Hevvy pump in 3D before it had been mass produced — a huge win for the company.

Using an iPad and 3D VR and AR to visualize Hevvy Pumps

The Hevvy Pump AR/VR app lets buyers in the market for submersible pumps see the equipment up close via Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Toyo debuted the app at MinExpo in Las Vegas, where the company wanted to display pumps and their inner workings to customers without leaving the products on display for their competitors to photograph.

  1. Step into the Toyo exhibit and engage with a sales associate.
  2. Select one of three pumps: Hevvy submersible, Horizontal, or Cantilever pumps.
  3. Tap hotspots to view videos and information about each pump.
  4. Hit the X-Ray button to see the interior of each pump.
  5. Tap “Play” to see a 3D animation of the cooling system in the new Hevvy Submersible pump.

Toyo Hevvy Pump App Features

  • View pumps in 3D Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality.
  • Inspect the pump’s interior in X-Ray mode.
  • Stunningly detailed 3D animations reveal pump’s interior and how it works.
  • App does not require a Wi-Fi connection, making it ideal for trade shows.

What is VisualCommerce™?

VisualCommerce™ is the award-winning cloud-based content management system and suite of Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions for manufacturers, retailers and homebuilders. VisualCommerce™ AR and VR experiences scale to the enterprise, build buyer confidence and deliver sales.

VisualCommerce™ for Retail
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