Innovation Speaker & Entrepreneur, Beck Besecker

Beck Besecker is an experienced, engaging and inspired speaker on Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, retail technology and selling innovation
beck beseker
  • "Beck keeps audiences riveted. He knows the art of selling innovation and delivers an inspiring narrative."
    Josh Linkner, NY Times Bestselling author & tech entrepreneur
  • "Everyone I spoke to enjoyed Beck's keynote presentation. It was a great success."
    Skip Henk, President & CEO of Xplor International
  • "A powerful speaker who knows how to connect with audiences, Beck rocked TedX Dayton."
    Stephanie Gottschlich, TedX Dayton
beck beseker

Beck Besecker: Selling Innovation

With a long history of selling innovation both to Fortune 500 clients and from within organizations, Beck Besecker knows every roadblock and objection that pops up along the way. He communicates with humor, passion and inventiveness and has recently presented at Shoptalk, the Housing Giants Leadership Conference, and the Global Retailing Conference among others on topics in innovation and the future of retail.

The co-founder and CEO of Marxent (, the leader in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solutions for sales and marketing, Beck is an expert at understanding the players who resist technology and make innovation challenging. Prior to founding Marxent, Beck spent 13 years building interactive marketing solutions for Fortune 500 retailers and brands, including Target Stores and Tesco.

In 1999, he founded Copient Technologies which enabled large retailers to easily manage personalized promotions in-store and online. Copient was acquired by NCR in 2003. Beck then served as EVP of New Business at Catalina Marketing, the nation’s largest in-store promotional network.

Topics & Outcomes


In this entertaining and unique presentation, Beck outlines ten organizational personalities, aka the “villains” who resist innovation. Providing actionable insight and anecdotes, Beck gives attendees crisp takeaways on how to win over these personalities and to become an innovation hero. Both as an entrepreneur and from working within Fortune 500 companies, Beck has seen every side of the sales story. He delivers an engaging narrative with panache.

  • Uses humor and engaged storytelling to humanize the innovation sales process.
  • A relatable topic for people involved in innovation at any level in an organization.
  • Provides actionable insight on how to break through barriers to innovation.
  •  Personalities covered may include people with no upside to taking risk, people who only love their own ideas,  the “Devil’s advocate,” credit mongers, teams, bosses, consultants, angry guys, impatient guys, know-it-alls, millennials, veterans of the business and territorial bullies.
  • May be customized to fit a particular organizational need.


Leading with enterprise examples from his own experience and that of other innovators, Beck uses humorous anecdotes to inspire audiences to overcome roadblocks to selling innovation at every level within an organization. He takes his audience on a fast-paced journey full of actionable ideas and the necessary inspiration to manage every step in the innovation sales process.

  • Designed to be cathartic and connect with the audience by humanizing the sales process with humor and empathy.
  • Outlines and empathizes with the real pain points that anyone trying to sell innovation encounters.
  • Provides a tool box for managing resistance to innovation at every level in an organization.
  • Covers the nuances of selling to leadership, sales organizations, IT, finance, operations and teams.
  • From working within the mental timelines of others business stakeholders to asking for support and for permission to fail, he delivers key strategies for getting buy-in to innovate.
  • May be customized to a particular product or story.


As the co-founder of a successful Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality startup, Beck knows what it takes to sell an innovative concept to a client. More than this, he’s a thought leader on trends in Augmented and Virtual Reality. In this talk, he takes audiences into the future of sales and marketing technology. Starting with a timeline and projections on mass market adoption and emerging technologies, he dives into into what sales and marketing will look like in the near and not so near future and follows it up with a fun and memorable methodology for selling new technology into old companies.

  • Impactful delivery of exciting new information for participants.
  • Journey into the future of emerging mobile technologies for sales and marketing.
  • Uses real case studies from AZEK Building Products and others.
  • Provides actionable strategies for selling AR, VR and other emerging tech internally as well as to clients and partners.
  • May be customized to fit a particular organizational need.

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