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Peering into the future of Augmented Reality

Beck Besecker, co-founder of Marxent Labs in Kettering, will be one of the speakers at the second annual TEDxDayton event on Oct. 17 at the Victoria Theatre in downtown Dayton. In this space in the coming weeks, we’ll be talking with several speakers at the event, which is based on “ideas worth sharing,” in the style of the well-known online TED talks. To learn more, go to — Ron Rollins

Q: You deal in “augmented reality,” something most people probably don’t know much about. What is it?

A: Simply put, augmented reality and its sister, virtual reality, involve creating an immersive virtual world. Think of the Holodeck in “Star Trek.” Augmented reality is the ability to project digital content into a physical space — something that’s not real that looks real. Virtual reality is the creation of entirely virtual worlds. Read More >>

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