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KETTERING, Ohio — Marxent has been turning heads with its proprietary Markerless Augmented Reality solution for retailers, manufacturers and homebuilders, and Furniture Today has taken notice.

“Augmented reality has existed in some form or another for a few years, however, its use for retail has been limited. A new breakthrough in AR technology may change that,” writes Furniture Today’s Alex Milstein. “Marxent, a leader in augmented reality and virtual reality for retailers and manufacturers, has just made a huge step toward the future with markerless augmented reality.”

Milstein goes in depth with Marxent CEO Beck Besecker to better explain the breakthrough technology.

“People have been trying to do markerless AR for a while, and the big exciting is news is that we think we’ve cracked the code in a really high quality way,” Besecker says.

Read much more of Furniture Today’s story on Marxent Markerless AR here.

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