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What could be more perfect for a roomful of budding scientists than an Augmented Reality 3-D animated tour of the human brain? Absolutely nothing.

At Marxent we have a special love of science and the imagination, so we were thrilled to partner with Wright State University (WSU) in creating this incredible Augmented Reality education app. In celebration of the Science Olympiad National Tournament 2013 on May 17th and 18th, we worked with WSU to create an interactive Augmented Reality experience called Brain Scan.

Using this custom Augmented Reality education app, attendees could point an iPad or iPhone at a giant AR floor target to launch a 3-D Augmented Reality tour of the human brain.



The Brain Scan app by Marxent Labs was used to bring a giant floor target at the live event to virtual life, launching the interactive AR experience, creating a sense of wonder for both adult and student participants.

This unique Augmented Reality education app experience was designed to enhance the Science Olympiad event, which brought 120 of the country’s best Science Olympiad teams together in an annual competition. The Marxent team was present along with the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Army, among other top recruiters attending the event that brought nearly 5,000 people from all 50 states and Japan into Dayton, Ohio.

“We are so proud to host this prestigious event. Science Olympiad is the pinnacle of science-related competitions for our sharpest middle and high school students. These talented young people embody the same pioneering spirit of innovation and ingenuity that helped the Wright brothers, for whom our university is named, soar into the skies,” said Wright State University President David R. Hopkins.