Technical hiring managers are spilling their secrets to Forbes

Forbes recently dug into one aspect of the hiring process with its piece, “15 Questions Technical Hiring Managers Love To Ask In Interviews,” by Laurence Bradford.

“Interviews are always stressful, but they’re less so when you know what to expect,” the piece begins, before offering the thoughts of 15 tech interviewers from a variety of companies on what questions they like to ask prospective hires and why. Marxent’s human resources manager Megan Gray is featured in the piece, along with one of her favorite interview questions — “Can you tell us about a time you failed?”

According to Megan, it’s valuable because:

“This question tells us about how a person overcame a failure, without trying to hide their mistakes. A lot of the work Marxent does in the AR/VR space is uncharted territory and our engineers and other teams go through a lot of trial and error processes. Employees who hide behind failures waste time and cause confusion. We highly value members who can admit to mistakes, learn from them, and move forward.”

Read more of the piece at, and learn more about Marxent’s staff and hiring practices with our How We Got Here series.