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We gathered a cross section of employees from across departments, and started quizzing them on camera about everything from previous job experience and major life lessons down to their favorite foods. The result is How We Got Here, a video series featuring real Marxent staffers talking about the personal journey that led them to join the team. Like what you see? Click here to check out more How We Got Here profiles. Or continue reading to find out more about …

Carlo Spagnola, Concept Artist

Carlo Spagnola is the mostly silent, ridiculously talented artist who produces the bulk of Marxent’s conceptual materials. He worked an assortment of odd jobs before joining the Marxent team, including spending time as a concept artist for a small game studio, an application developer for WorkXpress, and doing merchandising for Kellogg’s. Carlo studied Video Game Art and Design at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, and still dabbles in freelance character concept art whenever he gets a free moment.

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