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We gathered a cross section of employees from across departments, and started quizzing them on camera about everything from previous job experience and major life lessons down to their favorite foods. The result is How We Got Here, a video series featuring real Marxent staffers talking about the personal journey that led them to join the team. Like what you see? Click here to check out more How We Got Here profiles. Or continue reading to find out more about …

Seth Cooper, Data Strategist

Seth Cooper is Marxent’s nomad­-at-­heart, forever-­student, Minnesotan on the Analytics team. He previously worked at Catalina Marketing as Director of Analytics before coming to Marxent. A lifetime learner, he studied Mathematics and Philosophy at Carleton College, Business at the University of Missouri, Spanish at Escuela Simon Bolivar and tries to stay on top of a few online programming courses from Coursera.

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