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We get a lot of requests for Augmented Reality t-shirts. From trade shows to concerts, marketers are looking to Augmented Reality t-shirts to engage and communicate with customers.  Here are a few examples showing the emerging popularity of Augmented Reality t-shirt campaigns.

NewVoiceMedia: See Inside Your Customers

NewVoiceMedia brought an Augmented Reality experience, and 10,000 Augmented Reality t-shirts, to Dreamforce 2013 that attendees stood in line to get their hands on. Brand ambassadors gave out free Augmented Reality t-shirts that launched 5 Augmented Reality experiences. The experiences range from revealing an interactive alien to growing an animated, customizable Dreamforce logo. You’ll have to download the app to see them all. During the 4 days of the Dreamforce conference, attendees shared their Augmented Reality t-shirts experiences to Facebook and Twitter.

How this Augmented Reality t-shirt app works

1) Get the Augmented Reality t-shirt and scan it with the app.

2) Choose 1 of 5 Augmented Reality experiences, or try them all!

3) After you’re done playing with your interactive experience, snap a picture.

4) Share with your friends on Twitter and Facebook.

Augmented Reality Concert T-shirt

What better way to keep the party alive after the concert than with living take-home swag? This Augmented Reality t-shirt was designed to encourage t-shirt sales and consumer engagement with the band. Sharing Augmented Reality experiences on social media transforms customers into brand ambassadors.

How this Augmented Reality t-shirt app works

1) Hold your mobile device or tablet up to the Augmented Reality t-shirt.

2) Capture the eyes set ablaze.

3) Share with your social networks.

CustomInk: Monumental Tees

CustomInk, the nation’s largest t-shirt retailer, celebrated the 100th anniversary of the t-shirt with this fun and fabulous Augmented Reality t-shirt app. The app can be used with famous monuments or your famous best friend. Design a custom virtual t-shirt using the editable text and graphics provided within the app. Then place your shirt on one of America’s favorite monuments, photograph the AR experience and easily share it using social networks like Twitter and Facebook. No national monuments near by? No problem. Try your custom, 3-D Augmented Reality t-shirt on family and friends and photograph them wearing your creation.

How this Augmented Reality t-shirt app works

1) Create a custom virtual t-shirt using fonts and graphics provided within the app.

2) Using the pinch gesture, fit the t-shirt to a monument or friend.

3) Snap a photo of the scene.

4) Share it with your friends.