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Augmented Reality agency demo @ Event Marketing Summit 2013 | Marxent

Marxent Labs is an Augmented Reality agency specializing in AR apps for live events, marketing campaigns and scalable AR platforms for the retail/loyalty category.

Event Marketing Summit 2013: Augmented Reality Demos

I had a great time presenting Transform Your Live Event with Augmented Reality at the Event Marketing Summit 2013 and meeting talented event marketers from around the globe. Since then, several folks have contacted me requesting the videos and links to the Augmented Reality apps used in the presentation. For your convenience, I’ve included everything in this blog post.

Augmented Reality Agency for Live Events

This Augmented Reality demo video provides a quick look at some enthralling AR applications for live events.  From 3-D animated posters to interactive audio tours and crowd games, we’ve got Augmented Reality for live events covered.



3-D Interactive Brain Augmented Reality App

This app was originally designed to work with a giant floor AR trackable and was the centerpiece of an event attended by 4000 people. It was available for download to personal mobile devices in the iTunes app store so that event attendees could take the experience home with them



How will you enthrall your audience this year?

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