SXSWi 2015 was bubbling with the ultra cool. From the Aether Cone thinking music player and the Guide Dots app for the vision impaired to the Strati 3D printed car, there were amazing things around every corner.  There is nothing more fun than being surrounded by Saint Bernard puppies saving the day with Mophie replacement batteries and people with a natural curiosity when it comes to emerging technologies.

While we were there, over 4000 people experienced the 3D Cloud™ Virtual Reality Design Studio & Showroom and the Marxent Holodeck™, both of which made their official debut at SXSW. Here’s what it looked like.



How did you get more than 4000 visitors at SXSW?!

About 30,000 people attend SXSW Interactive each year but with so many compelling events and activities begging for attention, it takes the right combination of humor and savvy so that people stop and take notice. In this case, we made the display an integral part of the interactive experience and when we designed the traveling Marxent Holodeck™, we also took into consideration these four techniques for engaging attendees.

1. Deliver surprise and delight

The core of our exhibit was the Marxent Holodeck™ experience itself. Tailored to the tech-savvy attendees at SXSW interactive, we included a Virtual Reality living room scene with sci-fi posters and walls that dissolve into entirely different worlds. After composing the furniture in the room on the iPad, attendees put on the GearVR devices and the wow factor took effect: they whispered in awe and reached out to touch the virtual walls in front of them. Having an experience that was new and unique for the audience was hands-down our biggest advantage.

2. Lead the conversation

The future is officially here, as Virtual Reality becomes one of the biggest technology trends in 2015. Hot on the heels of Virtual Reality devices taking over Mobile World Congress, the recent VR hardware innovations have opened up questions around the content and marketing solutions that can take advantage of VR. The Marxent Holodeck™ delivered the answer. Demonstrating the capabilities of VisualCommerce™ 3D Virtual Reality Design Studio and Showroom, the Holodeck™ showed how VR can be used to elevate the customer experience for brands and retailers.

3. Layer the experience

The Marxent Holodeck™can be used with either iPad or GearVR. We used the iPad to introduce the ways the virtual room can be composed and viewed, then handed the GearVR headset to visitors for the fully immersive experience. These different levels of depth allowed us to tell a richer story of the VisualCommerce™ software and gave us flexibility to interact with each visitor on an individual basis.

4. Be different

“Going to extremes makes you stand out and your audience will find you irresistible.” This bit of advice that we picked up from tech entrepreneur Josh Linkner really paid off. The Marxent Holodeck™, with its black walls and spartan layout, stood out from the other exhibits in the room that were full of signs, tech, and swag. This drew in more attendees looking for something unique and it created a visually intriguing experience that was easy for visitors to talk about.

Are you ready to experience the Marxent Holodeck™?

We love sharing VisualCommerce™ and the Marxent Holodeck™ VR experience and would love for you to be able to experience it for yourself. Find us at these upcoming events or if you happen to be in or near Dayton, Ohio, you can schedule an in-person tour of the Holodeck™ in our Kettering, Ohio office. Email us or call to schedule a visit.