Hexagon Solutions [HEXAb.ST] decided to engage investors with Augmented Reality in their most recent annual report. Instead of allowing the AR experience to overwhelm a video message from their CEO, they cleverly integrated 3D infographics to engage investors.

Augmented Reality annual report example

As a reflection of their portfolio of high-tech design, measurement and visualization technologies, Hexagon Solutions wanted to share a video interview with their CEO accompanied by 3D animated graphics within  their annual report. Using a page in the printed annual report as the AR trigger image, Hexagon Activate launches  a futuristic Augmented Reality “stage” and video frame with animated 3D models to accent key points in the video. The AR trigger is also available for download from the Hexagon Solutions website.

AR and 3D infographics keep investors engaged

Inspired by the movie”Minority Report,” the Hexagon Solutions team looked to Marxent’s 3D design group to create a series of holographic-style visuals.  The result is a series of  stunning and sophisticated animated models that stream beautifully within the app while maintaining a high-quality visual experience. The animations create visual interest, a sense of anticipation and work to help viewers sustain curiosity throughout the video while reflecting Hexagon’s  high tech portfolio.

Get the app

If you’d like to to try out the Hexagon Activate Augmented Reality annual report experience, download the app and the AR target that launches the Augmented Reality annual report experience at hexagon.com/activate.

Hexagon Solutions is part of Hexagon (Nordic exchange: HEXAb.ST), a leading global provider of design, measurement and visualization technologies that enable customers to design, measure and position objects and process and present data.