The technology and fashion worlds are blending, not only because it is cool, but because how our lives are becoming ever more tethered to the internet information super highway and human inter-connectivity of social media. This year we have seen more push in this blended fashion and technology industry than ever before. As the wearables market has grown so has the need for pratical, fashionable items birthing fashionology. In this top 10 list of Augmented Reality wearbales we explore the stylish and useful wearables of 2014.

1. Puls smart band

The Puls smart band, said pulse, created by one of the most innovative hip hop stars The Puls smart cuff is a fully functional stand alone device that serves as a cell phone, social media, wi-fi enabled, fashion device. The cuff even adds the element of reading your vibes for a social feature that allows you to see your friends moods and share your own. This is the first device to really cross into the realm of fashionology by creating a stylish technology accessory. Using a voice control feature, named Andeeda, to allow for seamless interactions along with a texting feature that accomodates the small screen. The Puls smart cuff is innovative and original creating and entirely new sector of technology handily winning our top spot for wearables of 2014.

2. Life Tracker 1

Pivotal Living, a recent startup company, has released one the of the most affordable fitness bands to date. Asking only $12 per year for the Life Tracker 1 and companion app tracking the full breadth of your activities from sleep time, steps taken, high activity times, and even calories burned through out the day. Not to mention to compensate for daily use Pivotal Living is going to send a new Life Tracker band free of charge every year to returning subscribers. One of the big stalls to wearables is battery life and Life Tracker 1 thwarts this concern with a five to seven day rated battery life. While Pivotal Living did solve the battery issue, they missed the mark on making the device waterproof, only water resistant. Life Tracker 1 should be the goal of future fit band wearbles due to affordability and companion app that covers all the bases of fitness, but with the band being waterproof.

3. The Smart Hoodie

One of the most incognito gesture control wearables I have ever seen. The Smart Hoodie takes regular gestures and turns them into programmed communications and connections. The hoodie has a Skype button on the sleeve and simple gesture controls like rolling up your sleeve or putting up the hood. Designed for quick texts to family and friends it also provides a stealthy option for emergency situations that may otherwise be unfavorable. This innovative Smart Hoodie has got what it takes to be a useful wearable.

4. Wo.Defy

Wo.Defy is a terrific blend of occasion, fashion, and technology. This wedding dress enables those in the crowd to feel and see the brides emotions. This may appear to be an awkward use of technology, but allowing the attendees of the wedding to fully appreciate the magnitude of the brides feelings could create a unique bond between the betrothed and their guests. The dress is a beautiful work of art and technology merged to create a unique experience.

5. Polo Tech “Smartshirt”

Polo has unleashed a new piece of gear that can help athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone willing to try the shirt on for size with instant biometric feed back on form, heart rate, calories burned, and breathing. The shirt is designed to capture the intensity of activities and provide constant feedback on performance. This is Ralph Lauren’s first attempt at a wearable technology, but if it can deliver more consistent workouts and advise adjustments on the fly to improve game day performance, I do not see many ways this shirt does not become an all star in the world of sports.

6. Triposo Travel Belt

We all know some of the tricks to not look like a tourist, no fanny packs or shorts you should never wear, but what about a belt that makes you look like a local navigation guru. The Triposo Travel Belt allows travelers to roam free through new areas with out the need to palm a navigation tool. Through the use of Bluetooth or direct 3.5mm direct connect line the Triposo Travel Belt syncs with the companion app to provide directions through hepatic feedback, vibrations. A wearable that maps the world and makes traveling a more in-depth and easier experience is a wearable we cannot overlook.

7. Thumb Track

The worlds smallest wearable mouse. Thumb Track enables work in tight places, like airplanes, where traditional mice just fail to serve and create a new way to enjoy your electronic devices. The comfortable ergonomic design allows comfortable, quick switching between typing and scrolling for work and recreation. A great solution for the air mouse for presenters and a comfortable solution for niche scrolling situations. The Thumb Track mouse makes the mobile world a more comfortable place to operate and we like that.

8. Nod Bluetooth ring

This handy Bluetooth ring is the wearable that will let you control all your devices through simple gesture controls. The Nod allows control of Smart TVs, cell phones, cameras, and various other internet connected devices while expanding the capabilities of your smartphone. Using natural hand gestures and motions the Nod looks to take the wearable devices market by storm fall of 2014 and from what I have seen it has a good shot.

9. Fin

An odd name for a cool device. Fin is a thumb ring that puts control in the palm of your hand. Offering control over Bluetooth enabled cars, smartphones, smart TVs, and even devices like Google Glass using swiping and touch thumb gestures across your fingers. Fin is looking to be an easy to use gesture control device opening up many options even for the visually impaired as a solution for more interactions and control over their devices. A device that enables everyone to better interact with the world is one we fully support.

10. Jawbone Up24

The Jawbone Up24 wrist band and companion app stress health as most quickly adopted wearable technology, but is more the user that wants to be healthier not for the all fitness buffs. The Jawbone Up24 provides wearers with the ability to accurately track steps and sleep. The companion offers manual meal entry or bar code scan of food consumed for calorie counters. The Jawbone Up24 and app give users the ability to set and track activity and sleep goals along with an added social network for some friendly competition or not-so-friendly, if that is your thing.

From wristbands to sweat shirts our list of top AugmentedReality wearables of 2014 is an ever evolving . As the technology changes, so will our top ten. One thing we know for sure: Wearables are progressing, creating useful attributes, gesture controls, and an actual ability to control the world around ourselves.