Looking for the next big ideas in top Augmented Reality? Then Kickstarter is a place you need to visit. Kickstarter has been home to really innovative uses of AR and is maturing the market for AR apps and wearables. The summer of 2014 for startup companies on Kickstarter showed great promise in funding future technologies that will change the way we interact and view the world. This brings us to our top 5 Augmented Reality Kickstarter campaigns of 2014.

1. Top Augmented Reality from CastAR: Augmented Reality glasses

CastAR is looking to make the projected models from the iconic hologram chess board from Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope into more than just science fiction. CastAR is creating one of the first projected AR displays to create seamless augmented experiences for miniatures, cards, and board game pieces using an RFID tracking grid to acquire, identify, track, and augment real-world objects. CastAR takes the goal of AR toward the end game of markerless experiences, creating augmented life scenarios in any environment whenever desired. Can it fulfill the top Augmented Reality dream of the Star Trek holodeck?

2. Spike: laser measurement and modeling from smartphones

Imagine being a contractor or construction foreman being able to model in 3D, measure and build scale models with 3D printing capabilities all from your smartphone. The developers of Spike have create a Bluetooth-enabled device to snap to your smartphone to give you the ability to measure any building and then manipulate the 3D model. Save the models for use at later times. This app is making 3D modeling and measuring for builders and engineers more efficient. It’s a great AR tool, earning it the number 2 AR Kickstarter campaign in 2014.

3. EyeSpeak: Beyond communication

These AR glasses are designed to use eye tracking to bring speech to those who cannot speak. They enable communication for people with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), muscular dystrophy, locked-in syndrome and spinal cord injuries. The person’s eye movements control everything. The intended purpose is to allow creative freedom to compose music and even play interactive games. This inspirational use of AR gives all people the ability to interact. EyeSpeak takes home the number three slot, and our hearts, for top Augmented Reality Kickstarter campaigns of 2014.

4. Meta AR Glasses

Meta 1 will allow you to sculpt 3D models with your fingers. Using advanced gesture recognition and controls, the Meta 1 headset allows for advanced surface tracking and depth. The goal of the Meta 1 headset is to allow users to interact with their environment without the need of traditional trackable images. Meta 1 is freeing our need to anchor our AR in the real world, providing a seamless world of interactions controlled by our hands.

5. SpellTag

This is a recent addition to the Kickstarter page. Spelltag will immerse players in magical battles with each other, using the real-world environment around them. Hide behind doors, walls and furniture, and shoot fireballs as you and your friends compete for supreme sorcerer, or sorceress, using wands and weapons aplenty. This top Augmented Reality game brings back fond memories of Merlin and the excitement of spell casting. SpellTag rounds out the top five, releasing my inner child.