At SXSW, Virtual Reality is taking over

South by Southwest makes or breaks tech trends. The international conference in Austin, Texas has always been at the leading edge of the tech community, igniting new products like Twitter and Foursquare, and brand experiences like The North Face’s early exploration in Virtual Reality marketing. Here are five innovative SXSW Virtual Reality panels that we’d like to see. Vote for the ones you think are SXSW-worthy.

Virtual Reality – Is It The Ultimate Brain Hack?

This panel looks into how and why Virtual Reality interacts with our brain differently from other mediums we’ve experienced before.

Using Virtual Reality to Create Compassion

Will immersive Virtual Reality be a more powerful way to stir up empathy? Representatives from the United Nations, Jaunt Studios, and RYOT focus on the ways VR experiences can convey international needs.

Learning Through Virtual Reality Experiences

Virtual Reality is poised to transform education. This panel, with Emory Craig from The College of New Rochelle and Maya Georgieva from New York University, dives into the ways that AR and VR experiences can disrupt education and benefit students.

Virtual Reality – The Next Generation of Branding

Leading-edge brands are using Virtual Reality to engage with consumers in new ways. One recent successful example was The North Face Virtual Reality experience, which immersed shoppers in a climbing experience, launched at SXSW 2015. Eric Oliver from The North Face joins Scott Brook from Jaunt and Christopher Heine from AdWeek to delve into the trends of VR as branding tool.

Perception is Everything: Virtual Reality Shopping

Virtual Reality is about to change the way we live and shop, and the shift is already happening. Marxent CEO and Virtual Reality expert Beck Besecker shares the groundbreaking developments in Virtual Reality, visualization, and design for the retail space.

You choose the SXSW panels

If you like these panels as much as we do, you can help add them to the SXSW lineup by voting. In the SXSW Panelpicker process, the audience has a huge voice to make sure the speakers and panels are the best that’s out there. Which awesome SXSW panels are you dying to see (VR or otherwise)? Tweet us @Marxent #VRatSXSW.