VisualCommerce™ Showroom
AR/VR for Products & Spaces

Configure and visualize 3D products, scenes and worlds in Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality.
Configure and visualize products in 3D

Experience the enterprise Augmented Reality - Virtual Reality platform behind the Lowe's Holoroom.

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Configure and visualize products in 3D

Experience the enterprise Augmented Reality - Virtual Reality platform behind the Lowe's Holoroom.

The Virtual Reality showroom for products and spaces

The award-winning suite of solutions for manufacturers, retailers and homebuilders, VisualCommerce™ brings the power of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to the home design and home products shopping experiences. Our complete, ready-to-roll showroom solutions are designed to bridge digital and physical shopping with end-user applications that are tailored to how you sell — in the field, online or in a physical retail showroom environment. From the Lowe’s Holoroom to the AZEK Deck Builder, we have proven expertise in delivering AR and VR experiences that build buyer confidence and deliver sales.

The Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality platform you’ve been looking for

VisualCommerce™ has it covered: From Project Tango and Oculus Rift to HTC Vive and Microsoft HoloLens

When you’re planning a Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality project, it’s tempting to lead with a specific device strategy. From Oculus and HoloLens to Project Tango, the market is flooded with exciting new AR and VR technologies to test. Using VisualCommerce Showroom to power your Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality experiences means that your content investment is protected and can be reused in endless scenarios. Once your 3D products have been loaded into the VisualCommerce3D content management system, they can be exported into AR/VR experiences across platforms. We offer app templates and support for Project Tango, Samsung GearVR, Oculus Rift, Microsoft HoloLens, HTC Vive, Google Cardboard, YouTube 360, and any other technology or head-up display that comes to market.

The product visualization platform you’ve always dreamed of

Marxent’s VisualCommerce Showroom is the virtual products platform, designed to empower retailers and manufacturers with next-generation Augmented and Virtual Reality visualization tools. A fully-featured 3D virtual reality design studio and showroom, our product visualization platform gets large-scale and semi-custom products into the hands of prospective customers without the costs, complications and physical limitations of tangible samples. Using Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, VisualCommerce™ enables virtual 3D product visualization, customization and configuration to create an emotional, connected sales experience.

Industry-leading 3D content and file management for virtual products

Transform rigid, bandwidth-hungry 3D models into flexible, featherlight and dynamic virtual product catalogs that are created once and deployable to any device or app.  With VisualCommerce, virtual products can be shared and managed independently and with multiple levels of detail for both repurposing and future-proofing. VisualCommerce enables efficient, scalable upload and distribution of 3D media files that are cross-platform compatible, supporting Google Tango, iOS, Android and HMD/Samsung GearVR and all emerging HUD and AR technologies.

Visualization and configuration for high-consideration and semi-custom products

VisualCommerce™ virtual product catalogs enable a new level of mass customization, inspiring a blend of buyer confidence and creativity. Compose virtual products into scenes, configure assembled products with snap-and-click wizards, and interact with real product features for realistic feedback, including features like opening and soft-closing doors, turning lights on and off, pressing buttons to facilitate an animation, or turning dials and knobs.

Think big, start small and scale

VisualCommerce™ is the only robust AR/VR SaaS platform that scales to the enterprise. Our accessible pilot program helps stakeholders demonstrate value with an efficient time-to-market. Once a pilot has been validated, it’s easy to upgrade to a complete 3D inventory of products.

VisualCommerce™ works for the enterprise

Used by Lowe’s Home Improvement, Simmons Bedding Company, and AZEK Building Supplies, VisualCommerce™ suite of products platform is robust, mature and built for the enterprise. Applications include sales demos, events, service and ecommerce. Publication options include custom branded apps (white label) or integration into an existing mobile app (SDK).

VisualCommerce™ Mobile

Mobile “in-field” AR marketing and sales visualizers to replace samples and sales brochures
Pre-built scenes with options to view alternate finishes, textures, and options
Bonus: Add "space capture" and configuration tools

VisualCommerce™ Web

Web-based 3D configuration and visualization
Consumer or contractor-focused 3D “CPQ” design solution
Supports entire product catalogs and complex business rules
Bonus: White-label editions for channel partners

VisualCommerce™ Retail

In-store 3D space configuration and virtual reality visualization
Fast and engaging tablet-based design experience and VR “test drive” Bonus: Publish for at-home use
Accelerates sales and increases basket size
Bonus: Publish as a consumer app for "at home" access

VisualCommerce™ works for:

Manufacturers and wholesalers
Sales organizations
Furniture & flooring manufacturers
Car dealerships
Home product retailers or manufacturers
Multichannel retailers
Ecommerce websites
Catalog retailers
POS or POP displays
Packaging manufacturers

Devices + Technologies

Project Tango
HTC Vive
Microsoft HoloLens
Oculus Rift
Samsung GearVR
YouTube 360


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