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Visual Merchandising Bite Sized Featured Image

How to Use 3D Renders for Visual Merchandising

Stand out and publish fresh visual merchandising content daily — without needing to stage an expensive photoshoot. Sounds good, right? Today’s marketers need a constant stream of engaging content featuring real products and product variants in context. Learn how...
How to Build a 3D Project Business Case

How to Build a 3D Project Business Case

In a sea of other initiatives vying for dollars and resources, a compelling business case is the key to securing funding for new 3D initiatives. This article and free, downloadable template will help you to get started with building a successful business case for your...
3D Project Charter Template

3D Project Charter Template

A solid 3D project charter is the best way to kick off a 3D initiative and provide a clear path to measurable outcomes and organizational buy-in. This 3D project charter template provides everything you need to get started. If you’re a marketing, technology, product...
Working with 3D Cloud - What We Do, What You Do

Working with 3D Cloud – What We Do, What You Do

3D e-commerce comes with a unique set of complexities. While some major retailers choose to hire their own internal 3D teams, most choose to work with an experienced vendor that can launch new 3D initiatives faster, without adding new staff, and with a smaller...
RFP Table of Contents for 3D Projects

RFP Table of Contents for 3D Projects

This resource is for you if you are an IT, marketing, or strategic sourcing lead evaluating 3D vendors. 3D projects: when should I issue a Request for Proposal (RFP)? Not every 3D project warrants issuing an RFP. If your business use case is well defined, and you are...
Why Industry Expertise Matters in 3D

3D Vendor Selection: Why Industry Expertise Matters

When assessing vendors for 3D applications, always choose a vendor with industry-specific experience for accelerated speed to market, a keen understanding of industry-specific business rules, and a comprehensive approach to customer journey mapping. The importance of...

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