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Augmented Reality News: Star Wars Jedi Challenge

Augmented Reality News: Star Wars’ AR plans, “iPhone 8” adding lasers, and more | Marxent

Augmented Reality News is a periodic digest highlighting interesting news stories about AR as reported in the mainstream press.

Oculus Rift: In Reality Podcast

The In Reality Podcast – Ep. 12: Facebook’s hot Oculus Rift summer sale | Marxent

Marxent's In Reality Podcast features industry news, commentary, and perspective from AR/VR veterans and experts.

Inc. Magazine Logo

Inc.: Why investors are pouring cash into Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality startups | Marxent

Marxent CEO Beck Besecker touts Augmented Reality's bright future in a recent story by Inc. Magazine.


Who wants to go to a meeting? No one!
| Marxent @ Work

Here are 8 tips to make meetings less painful and more productive.

CNBC Apple ARKit

CNBC: Apple’s ARKit a “game changer” for Augmented Reality

Marxent CEO Beck Besecker says that ARKit is a "game changer" for Apple and AR adoption.

Augmented Reality News: Marines Using Hololens

Augmented Reality News: AR goes to war, finds religion, and helps grow weed | Marxent

Augmented Reality News is a bi-weekly digest highlighting interesting news stories about AR as reported in the mainstream press.

MarXent Prize

MarXent Prize awards scholarships, internships to Wright State computer science students

Since 2014, the MarXent Prize has granted one-year scholarships to students attending WSU's College of Engineering and Computer Science.

Key Player

Allied Market Research names Marxent “key player” in growing Augmented and Virtual Reality markets

Marxent joins Google, Intel, Microsoft and others as key players in the rapidly expanding AR & VR industries.

Marxent @ Work

Marxent @ Work: Building an awesome workplace one story at a time | Marxent

Catch up with Marxent @ Work, a series created by Marxent staffers that sheds light on who we are and what we do as a company.

Startup vs. Big Corporation

Startups vs. big companies: Size matters when choosing where to work | Marxent @ Work

Startup or mega-corp? Choosing the right workplace is a personal decision, and what's great for one worker may be totally wrong for another.

challenge Marxent @ Work Challenge Yourself

Challenge yourself, even if it means crying and swearing | Marxent @ Work

Making time for tasks outside your core skills will leave you better prepared for whatever challenges the future throws at you.

What We're Reading

What We’re Reading: Snap’s IPO, Cochella’s AR/VR plans, David Letterman returns and more

Expand your mind with these stories as selected by the Marxent staff. This week's haul includes pieces from Vulture, Tech Crunch, the NY Times and many more.

Markerless Augmented Reality

Furniture Today: Marxent takes “huge step toward the future” with Markerless Augmented Reality

Marxent has been making waves with its proprietary Markerless Augmented Reality solution for retailers, manufacturers and homebuilders, and Furniture Today has taken notice.

Markerless AR

Marxent unveils Markerless Augmented Reality technology for retailers, manufacturers and homebuilders

Marxent's VisualCommerce™ platform now features a stable, scalable and proprietary patent-pending markerless AR solution for home furnishings, building products and more.

Marxent NRF McKinsey

McKinsey: Marxent’s immersive Virtual Reality will save retailers time and money

The Head of Consumer Markets for McKinsey Fast Growth Tech writes about his experience with Marxent VR at this year's NRF Big Show.

Entrepreneur Top 10 Company Cultures

Entrepreneur survey ranks Marxent Top 10 “Company Cultures in America”

This year's list — a joint effort between Entrepreneur and CultureIQ — featured a ranking of the 153 best corporate cultures in America.

Good News Bad News

Why I love bad news | Marxent @ Work

It may be hard to admit that something isn’t going as planned, but bad news can have a positive effect when shared quickly and clearly.

Ashley Furniture AR and Virtual Reality Apps for Retail

Ashley Furniture taps Marxent for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality retail apps

The world's largest furniture manufacturer, Ashley will use Marxent's VisualCommerce™ platform for in-store Virtual Reality and at-home Augmented Reality apps

Gabbi Hardin Education

Want to find your dream job? Start with the right education | Marxent @ Work

The first step in becoming who you want to be is finding the right school.

Failure Forbes Megan Gray

Forbes: Have you failed at something? We want to know all about it | Marxent

Technical hiring managers are spilling their secrets to Forbes, and that including Marxent's own Megan Gray.

Creatives in the office

Creatives unite! It’s cool being the artist in the office | Marxent @ Work

Creatives often thrive in an office. So forget the stereotypes, and check out 4 ways Marxent's creative team copes with professional stress.

Jobs in Virtual Reality: What's your giant octopus?

This is the story of how I tamed a giant octopus | Marxent @ Work

What do jobs in virtual reality have to do with a giant octopus? It's all in the storytelling.

Retail Tech Podcast Logo

Retail Tech Podcast: Marxent CEO Beck Besecker talks Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for business

Beck joined host Darius Vasefi to discuss the ways Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are being used by businesses.

Ohio Business Magazine's Best Places To Work In Ohio

Ohio Business Magazine names Marxent “2016 Best Places to Work in Ohio”

Best Places to Work in Ohio winners will be featured in the fall issue of Ohio Business Magazine.

Realism lighting

Realism and lighting: 5 methods for bringing Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to life | Marxent @ Work

There's more to designing realistic 3D imagery for AR and VR experiences than just seeing the light — you also have to know how to harness it.

How We Got Here

How We Got Here: Personal Stories From The AR/VR Trenches | Marxent

Curious about who works at Marxent - and why they work here? "How We Got Here" is a video series that explores the personal stories of Marxent team members. Come meet the team!

Leading with questions

Ask more, talk less: Get more out of meetings by leading with questions | Marxent @ Work

Want to get team members talking and move a project forward? It's time to start leading with questions.


You do you: 4 ways to ease the transition into a high-tech career | Marxent @ Work

Finding your way in the tech industry doesn't have to stress you out. Here's four tips on gently easing into your new, high-tech life.


Make mistakes. You might learn something | Marxent @ Work

Overcoming mistakes reveals your true character. The most innovative companies succeed when risk-taking becomes a part of their DNA.

3 Tips for Useful Meetings

News flash: Meetings aren’t over when they’re over; Use these 3 tips to get more out of meetings | Marxent @ Work

I'm not the biggest fan of meetings, but meetings done right can be powerful for learning, communicating and getting to decisions quickly.

Marxent @ Work: QA

How to be a quality assurance analyst without being an a**hole | Marxent @ Work

It's true that Quality Assurance Analysts spend their days pointing out the flaws of others. It's harder than it sounds! Here are 4 tips on how to QA without being an a**hole.

Forrester names Marxent a Breakout Vendor for Virtual and Augmented Reality in 2016

In a new report from analyst J.P. Gownder, Forrester has named Marxent a Breakout Vendor for Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Cooking with code

Cooking with code: Making fudge (I mean delicious software!) at Marxent | Marxent @ Work

Cooking and coding are far more alike than you might believe, as illustrated by this list of 5 things they have in common.

Marxent latest stop on St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman’s “Small Business Tour”

St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman paid a visit to Marxent's downtown offices Thursday for a sneak peek of the future.

Dayton Business Journal: Marxent named Dayton “Best Places to Work” Winner

We love being the best place to work in Dayton, Ohio. We're thrilled to be a part of a lively business community that recognizes the value of our company culture.

Innovation In Virtual Reality

The Edison Awards: Marxent Wins Gold for Innovation in Virtual Reality

Edison has awarded Marxent Labs, the leading VR and AR company for enterprise retailers and manufacturers, the Gold in the “Cameras & Virtual Reality" category.

Dayton Business Journal: Marxent secures $10M in financing, looks to add 250 workers by 2017

Marxent, a Kettering-based virtual reality company, has new funding that will aid in its growth.


Ikea, ARKit, Amazon and 6 keys to winning with Augmented Reality for retail

Ikea is the first major retailer to build an Apple ARkit app. Here's everything you need to know about how to do the same.


Deep Dive: Apple’s ARKit a “game changer” for Augmented Reality

Apple's ARKit made a big splash this week, with analysts calling it a "game changer" and "the most revolutionary thing at WWDC."

Markerless AR Furniture Preview

Markerless AR, SLAM, GPS, Multi-Camera?
6 keys to choosing the right AR solution | Marxent

There's plenty of confusion around Markerless Augmented Reality, with different technologies competing to do the same thing. But there is a difference …

Endless Aisle shopping

The Endless Aisle: Solving retail’s space woes by selling more with less | Marxent

Major brands are dealing with a glut in retail space by embracing mixed commerce and the endless aisle to increase sales while shrinking their physical footprint.

Amazon furniture retail

Disrupting Furniture Retail: Amazon, Augmented Reality and More

Amazon leads an exciting group of companies using Augmented and Virtual Reality to invent the future of e-commerce furniture retail.

What is Mixed Reality?

What is Mixed Reality? A Q&A with Marxent’s Ken Moser, PhD

Marxent Software Engineer Ken Moser gets real in this exclusive Q&A that goes in depth to explain Mixed Reality.

Unified Commerce

Unified commerce: Win the customer, rule the marketplace

Retailers are moving to Unified Commerce, which builds upon the innovations of omnichannel strategy while better unifying the customer experience.

3D Modeling Q&A

3D Modeling: A Q&A with Program Manager Shawn Rothery | Marxent

Program Manager Shawn Rothery discusses 3D models — what they are, how we create them, and implementations that blur the line between real and digital.

Markerless Augmented Reality

Markerless Augmented Reality: A Q&A with Marxent’s Ken Moser, PhD – Part 1

Markerless AR is suddenly a hot topic, bit what is it and how are developers harnessing its power? Software Engineer Ken Moser, PhD, explains.

Mixed Commerce Solutions: Amazon Go

Amazon, Intel kill the cash register with mixed commerce solutions | Marxent

Technological innovation is remaking all aspects of the retail experience. Partially driven by retailer's need to cut costs and commercial square footage, partially by the public's ...

Virtual Reality Augmented Reality Technology Trends 2017

5 top Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology trends for 2017

Everything you need to know about the top Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology trends for 2017.

Augmented & Virtual Reality News

2016: The Year in Review – Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality News and Trends

New hardware, attention-grabbing apps, and an explosion of content made 2016 a breakthrough year for Augmented & Virtual Reality.

Diminished Reality with Ken Moser

Q&A: What is Diminished Reality? R&D Engineer Ken Moser, PhD, explains | Marxent @ Work

Can you separate Diminished Reality from the Virtual or Augmented varieties? Marxent's foremost authority on reality is here to help.

Project Tango

Project Tango: 3 ways Google’s new Augmented Reality platform is an upgrade for businesses | Marxent

Google Tango is already compelling enough for businesses to seriously consider how the platform can help cut costs and increase sales.

#SaveTheSamples this holiday season

#SaveTheSamples this holiday season, and we’ll donate to the American Red Cross

We know that you have samples hiding in your house. Share your funny photos with us on Twitter with #SaveTheSamples. For every photo shared, we'll donate to the American Red Cross.

VisualCommerce Made by Humans for Humans

VisualCommerce™: Virtual Reality made by humans, for humans

Marxent's team of 50+ engineers, project managers and 3D artists always put humans first. Meet our team and learn more about how we work.

Apple and Augmented Reality: What the Apple Acquisition of Metaio Means

Apple hasn’t shared any details, but this investment is a significant one.

Walk into the Holodeck™ at SXSW

SXSW is almost here, and the all-new Marxent Holodeck™ Virtual Reality experience is ready to be unveiled. All the final touches are in place, and we can't wait for you to see it.

The In Reality Podcast – Ep. 11: Dr. Ken Moser goes hands-on with Apple’s ARKit | Marxent

The In Reality Podcast – Ep. 10: Apple unveils
ARKit at WWDC | Marxent

The In Reality Podcast – Ep. 9: Google I/O’s big reveal a game-changer for Virtual Reality? | Marxent

The In Reality Podcast – Ep. 8: PayPal’s Augmented Reality payment plan | Marxent

The In Reality Podcast – Ep. 7: Amazon’s future selling furniture | Marxent

The In Reality Podcast – Ep. 6: Facebook’s F8 Conference and the future of social VR | Marxent

The In Reality Podcast – Ep. 5: Amazon’s AR/VR retail plans, Oculus staff shakeup and more | Marxent

The In Reality Podcast – Ep. 4: WebVR added to Chrome, smartphone AR on the horizon and more | Marxent

The In Reality Podcast – Ep. 3: Snap’s historic IPO, the SnapBot cometh and more | Marxent

The In Reality Podcast – Ep. 2: PSVR crushes the competition, VR’s male dilemma and more | Marxent

What We’re Reading: Sony’s PSVR takes the lead, Information Anxiety, Watching Grass Grow and more

What We’re Reading: Disney “nails” wireless power, iPhone 8 3D camera, Elon Musk’s reading list and much more | Marxent

The In Reality Podcast – Ep. 1: Magic Leap’s bad hype, Microsoft Hololens 3.0 and more | Marxent

What We’re Reading: Magic Leap’s bad week, “Planet of the Apps,” Ark: Survival Evolved, Always Sunny in VR and much more

What We’re Reading: Serial Killer algorithm, psychology of magic, what’s in a Dorito and much more | Marxent

What We’re Reading: Marxent at NRF Big Show and much more

What We’re Reading: VR DUI, The Alchemist, EPCOT Death Star and much more | Marxent

What We’re Reading: Disney Drone Show, Google Earth VR and much more | Marxent

What We’re Reading: Daylight Saving Time explained, “Spark,” My Apartamento and much more | Marxent

What We’re Reading: Abba to reunite in Virtual Reality, Microsoft’s $299 headset, Vine is dead and much more | Marxent

What We’re Reading: Plain of Jars, Emma Stone, Tesla, Coco-naut and much more | Marxent

What We’re Reading: Self-driving cars, Usual Cat Day, NFL robot MVP and much more | Marxent

What We’re Reading: SpaceX on Mars, Big Data Podcast, Google’s free WiFi plan and much more | Marxent

What We’re Reading: Treating the paralyzed in VR, “The Gift of Failure,” Google Jump and much more | Marxent

What We’re Reading: Tim Cook on Augmented Reality, NFL and Star Wars in VR, and much more | Marxent

What We’re Reading: 9/11 boat lift, “Pit People,” Norman Doors and much more … | Marxent

How We Got Here: Joe Bardi, Senior Content Strategist | Marxent

How We Got Here: Julius Edraisa, 3D Artist | Marxent

What We’re Reading: 6D VR film “Moon,” Zipper Club’s “Going the Distance,” hot dogs or legs?!!? and much more … | Marxent

What We’re Reading: Homemade lasers, “Quicksilver,” mixed commerce, and much more … | Marxent

How We Got Here: Megan Gray, Human Resources Manager | Marxent

What We’re Reading: charity: water, Saint Motel, “Grit” and much more … | Marxent

How We Got Here: Carlo Spagnola, Concept Artist | Marxent

What We’re Reading: Paraplegics rehab in VR, “The Inevitable,” new Rogue One trailer, and much more … | Marxent

How We Got Here: Jessi Sparks, Senior User Experience Designer | Marxent

How We Got Here: Vince Kilian, Product Manager | Marxent

How We Got Here: Joe Johnson, Marketing Creative Director | Marxent

How We Got Here: Kelsey Riviello, Project Manager | Marxent

How We Got Here: Seth Cooper, Data Strategist | Marxent

What We’re Reading: Apple’s AR plans, VR Field Trip to Mars, Mingus Ah Um and much more … | Marxent

What We’re Reading: VR News from RYOT, Bastille’s “Bad Blood,” Voices of VR and much more … | Marxent

What We’re Reading: Pokémon Go conquers America! | Marxent

What We’re Reading: NFL training in VR, Pokemon Go a “complete disaster,” “American Gods,” and much more … | Marxent

What We’re Reading: July 4th Weekend Edition | Marxent

What We’re Reading: Revisionist History, Stephen King talks to George R.R. Martin, Led Zeppelin wins in court and more … | Marxent

What We’re Reading: Tom Wheeler fights for Net Neutrality, Apple’s AR iPhone plans and more … | Marxent

What We’re Reading: Elon Musk, Battery upgrades, Guy Martin and much more …

What We’re Reading: Google’s team-building, A Wolf Among Us, AquaSonic and much more …

What We’re Reading: The Empty Brain, Lab Girl, The End of Code and much more …

What We’re Reading: Code goes to the moon, Deathbird Stories, The Message Podcast and much more …

What We’re Reading: VR will save journalism, try Oculus Rift at Best Buy, “Burn The Witch” and much more …

What We’re Reading: Grateful Dead in Virtual Reality, Aphantasia, the swimming pools of Iceland and more

Gartner names Marxent “Cool Vendor” in digital commerce marketing for 2016

What We’re Reading: Wired on Magic Leap, Prince obits and more

CNBC Nightly Business Report: Retail’s future and Augmented Reality company Marxent

CNBC Squawk Box: Marxent CEO Beck Besecker on the future of Virtual Reality for retail

I’m perfect! Only, I’m not: 4 things I’ve learned from teamwork | Marxent @ Work

VentureBeat: Marxent raises $10 million for in-store AR visualizations

Be present wherever you are – and 5 more things I’ve learned while traveling for work

How to know that your job is “the one” | Marxent @ Work

California to Dayton: Best move ever? | Marxent @ Work

CNET: Will virtual reality make you buy more? Retailers are betting on it

Thank you. We mean it. | Marxent @ Work

“Don’t move to Dayton, Ohio if…” – Our top 6 reasons to steer clear of Dayton

Want a mobile developer job? 5 tips on how to interview | Marxent @ Work

Why we love rapid prototyping for Virtual Reality apps | Marxent @ Work

Long meetings are the pits. Here’s how we avoid them | Marxent @ Work

How to make Virtual Reality amazing with Unity 3D | Marxent @ Work

Where’s your to-do list? 8 ways to build trust and confidence at work

How to plan a Virtual Reality marketing project | Marxent @ Work

Want to work in Virtual Reality? 5 Virtual Reality jobs and how to get them

Dayton Business Journal: The kids don’t want to work in your cubes

Designing with clients: 7 tips for successful iteration | Marxent @ Work

Play is the new work: 5 things Dungeons & Dragons taught me about working at a startup

Discipline surfing: How I became a Unity 3D Augmented Reality developer | Marxent @ Work

Proud to be a “Best Place to Work” in Dayton, Ohio

10 sci-fi moments to fall in love with | Marxent @ Work

At work, love is all you need | Marxent @ Work

Come join our [work] family. I mean it. | Marxent @ Work

How I became a Unity 3D and Augmented Reality developer | Marxent @ Work

Will you fit in at Marxent? Not if you need to be micromanaged | Marxent @ Work

How we stay on top of emerging technologies | Marxent @ Work

Project management and the art of making things possible | Marxent @ Work

What makes a great quality assurance analyst? | Marxent @ Work

How your boss knows you have your s*@! together | Marxent @ Work

Get your s*@! together: What’s your personal process?

What is an agile product roadmap? 7 elements of a successful roadmap | Marxent @ Work

We’re hiring: Why your favorite superhero matters | Marxent @ Work

Inside CI: Will 2016 be the year of Virtual Reality?

What’s your 90-day plan? | Marxent @ Work

Tampa Bay Business Journal: Big money meets big tech at venture capital conference in St. Pete

Working in the anti-“Office Space” | Marxent @ Work

Virtual Reality for retail: Lowe’s Holoroom rolls out to US retail locations

Work Culture: Empty Offices | Marxent @ Work

Ad Age: Forget Playing With Toys: Kids Can Play With The Catalog

Dan Gilbert on CNBC Squawk Box: “Marxent is going to light the world on fire in terms of AR and VR.”

A day in the life of a 3D artist – jobs in Dayton, Ohio | Marxent @ Work

Mixed Commerce Glossary: Defining the future of retail | Marxent

International Business Times: Virtual Reality gaming to witness huge growth at the CES 2016

Work culture: Success is only real when shared | Marxent @ Work

Mixed commerce puts “store-within-a-store” solutions within reach of most retailers | Marxent

VisualCommerce™ clients in the news

Creativity and the Kinect developer mindmeld | Marxent @ Work

Best Enterprise Augmented Reality Solution: Lowe’s Holoroom Wins AR Industry Auggie Award

BedTimes Magazine: Selling Sleep Goes High-Tech

We’re hiring: Tech marketing & sales internship in St. Petersburg, Florida

The art and discipline of responsive design (RWD) | Marxent @ Work

CEPro: Lowe’s Innovation Labs Shows Future of Retail: Robots and Holograms

Work culture: Feedback is love. Worry when it stops.

Digital Trends: Lowe’s Holoroom is a finalist for Top Tech of CES 2015

The best sales & marketing internship in Tampa Bay, FL | Marxent @ Work

Wright State University News Room: Marxent Labs announces Wright State scholarships for female engineers and computer scientists

Creative inside sales | Jobs in Tampa Bay – Florida

Dayton Daily News: Peering into the future of Augmented Reality

“POW!” Comics & mobile user experience design: “We live in an illustrated world” | Marxent @ Work

Marxent Funds Wright State Scholarship for Women in Computer Science

5 reasons to work @ Marxent Labs | Jobs

Markerless Augmented Reality: A Q&A with Marxent’s Ken Moser, PhD – Part 2

Tampa Bay Business Journal: 2Q VC roundup; Marxent gets funded

Business Analyst Job in Dayton, Ohio | Marxent Labs Jobs

Mobile Commerce Daily: AZEK builds 3D iPad app for immersive shopping

SoccerNation: Tecate launches World Cup Augmented Reality app

Work culture: “That’s a stupid idea, boss” | Marxent @ Work

Tampa Bay Business Journal: Augmented Reality firm Marxent raises additional $1MM

How to build beautiful software | Marxent @ Work

CNET: Tecate Augmented Reality app – Win a trip to World Cup 2014 in Brazil

Work culture: The video game test | Marxent @ Work

Mobile Marketer Daily: How Pepsi is elevating message delivery via augmented reality

We’re hiring: iOS and Android developers – jobs in Dayton, Columbus or Cincinnati, Ohio

4 ways the NFL scores with Virtual and Augmented Reality, and your business can too | Marxent

RetailerNOW: What is Augmented Reality anyway?

Bored at the mall? Mixed commerce is making shopping fun again | Marxent

Speedway mobile retail loyalty app: "A daring marketplace initiative"

Mixed commerce: 3 ways retailers are transforming the shopping experience | Marxent

CSPNet Daily News: More than 100,000 Downloads of Speedway App

Shop with confidence: Mixed commerce builds stronger relationships between retailers and customers | Marxent

Mashable: Augmented X-ray App Boosts Retailer’s Sales by 37%

HTC Vive: 4 ways the VR leader is reinventing retail, manufacturing, training and more | Marxent

Marxent Labs’ Augmented Reality shopping platform VisualCommerce®  nabs 800k in funding from Stage 1 Ventures

Mixed commerce, Macy’s and the new retail reality | Marxent

Mobile Commerce Daily: With VisualCommerce®, Augmented Reality augments shopping via print catalogs

Xconomy Detroit: Marxent Labs’ app transforms print catalogs into ecommerce experience

Realism and lighting: 5 methods for bringing Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to life | Marxent @ Work

Freshening Up the Future of Ecommerce

The Editor at Large: Ballard Design’s new app Ballard+ enhances print experience

CASE STUDY: How to lead a successful Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality project

Mobile Commerce Daily: Speedway mobile loyalty app reaps more than 100,000 downloads

Virtual Reality (and AR) retail visual merchandising ideas: Top 4 reasons AR and VR are made for visual marketing

Dayton Daily News: Speedway, Marxent Labs partner for loyalty retail mobile app

5 top Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality technology trends for 2016

Dayton Daily News: Marxent Labs launches Augmented Reality “tap-to-buy” catalog app

Home Accents Today: Ballard Designs’ new app interacts with print catalog

Ready to hire a Virtual Reality developer? 6 things to look for

Internet Retailer: Mobile and print intersect in a new catalog app

IBS 2016: The Lowe’s Holoroom and Virtual Reality for Building Products

Emerson Augmented Reality Event Campaign Wins InterBev Award

Dayton Daily News: App Development Company Marxent Labs Creates Magical Augmented Reality Experiences Augmented Reality Mobile Applications Plus X-Ray Vision

Augmented Reality App Lets You Wet Models’ Clothes

Technabob: IKEA brings x-ray vision to its catalogs

CBS Detroit: Detroit app developer part of entrepreneurship exhibit at GOP convention

3 secrets to creating immersive virtual environments with Unity and Vuforia

Tampa Bay Times: As elite panel airs lofty ideas on job creation, business startups show off real deal

Vote today! 5 SXSW Virtual Reality panels we’d like to see

TechCocktail: Making Augmented Reality sexy for retailers

5 mind-blowing immersive Virtual Reality experiences

Techli: Marxent Labs wants to see Augmented Reality everywhere

How Does Virtual Reality Work? – Part I of 2

Alumni Spotlight: Bret Besecker ’93 puts the smart in smartphone

Oculus vs. Project Morpheus: Who will win the Virtual Reality device wars?

Marxent CEO Beck Besecker joins inStream board

VIDEO: Augmented Reality Event (ARE2012) ABC7 interview

What is Virtual Reality? [Definition and Examples]

Entrepreneur Profile – Marxent Labs Augmented Reality

VIDEO: Augmented Reality Apps utilizing Qualcomm’s Augmented Reality SDK

The 5 Top Brands Using Virtual Reality Marketing

VIDEO: Augmented Reality Applications Explained

We took VisualCommerce™ to SXSW 2015. Here’s what happened.

Retailer with Jaw-dropping App Heads to Natick

Marxent Augmented Reality App Featured at CES

Best Android Shopping Apps of 2011

Xconomy Detroit: Marxent Labs Wants to Augment Your Shopping Experience

Visual commerce defined: Beyond Pinterest and Instagram

ShopWith.It Socializes The Holiday Gift Search

SXSW 2015 Virtual Reality: Let us show you our Holodeck™

Moosejaw X-Ray App Lets You Undress Catalog Models

5 top Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality trends for 2015

Moosejaw Mountaineering gives catalog shoppers X-ray vision

X-ray App Lets Users “See Through” Models’ Clothing

Oculus Rift: Virtual Reality for live events and experiences has arrived

10 top Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality head-up display glasses that are actually useful

AR trends: 10 top Augmented Reality apps of Summer 2014

Top 5 Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality games of 2016 (and 2015 and 2014, too)

How much does an AR app cost? | Augmented Reality Bites

Augmented Reality retail apps: 5 elements of effective AR campaigns

5 keys to great 3D art and animation for AR – 3D art expert tips

AR resource guide: What is Augmented Reality?

Top Augmented Reality companies: 5 types of AR companies and how they work

What is Augmented Reality? An Augmented Reality glossary

5 ways to make the best AR apps | Augmented Reality Bites

What is markerless Augmented Reality? | Augmented Reality Bites

Top 5 Augmented Reality trends for 2014

Augmented Reality annual report example with video – Hexagon Solutions

Preparing Dayton for the future: Congrats to WSU College of Engineering and Sinclair Community College

Join Speedway to help support the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

What is microfencing? Get the scoop on proximity marketing

What is gesture recognition? Gesture recognition defined

AR interactive displays: SanDisk Augmented Reality + Kinect for Mobile World Congress 2014

Augmented Reality marketing news, trends & technologies update – Spring 2014

Augmented Reality at CES 2014 – 5 must-watch AR video demos

VIDEOS: Augmented Reality for retail has arrived – 5 AR retail trends for 2014

VIDEO: Tickle the love-struck dragon! Super sweet Augmented Reality Valentine’s Day cards + games for kids

Augmented Reality t-shirts | AR video demos

Marxent supports Youth Boxing Detroit | Good @ Marxent

Friend in the house | Mentoring @ Marxent

5 Qualcomm Vuforia AR Case Studies

Subscribe to our Augmented Reality + Virtual Reality newsletter

5 Augmented Reality books that delight and engage

Augmented Reality games: Google Glass, Oculus Rift are the future of AR games

Augmented Reality marketing: A millennial perspective

Augmented Reality agency demo @ Event Marketing Summit 2013 | Marxent

AR Services: Vuforia AR & Unity 3D Augmented Reality Vendors

Google Glass on SNL: Why wearable computers are hilarious

Qualcomm Vuforia Augmented Reality Showcase features Marxent AR apps

USPS Augmented Reality direct mail promotion; How to save on AR campaigns with the U.S. Postal Service

Augmented Reality campaigns amplify live events

VisualCommerce® – Augmented Reality goes shopping in New York City

Edison Awards 2013 – Marxent Labs’ VisualCommerce®  nominated for innovation award

New! VisualCommerce® – Augmented Reality for print catalog shopping

Exciting news: VisualCommerce® is coming soon

Heineken Augmented Reality app launches

Google Glass: Marketing and Social Impact

Google Glass: Augmented Reality Glasses Hit the Runway

Steve Case: Entrepreneurship is an economic solution

Hiring a mobile app developer? Why you’ll love working with Marxent

Augmented Reality campaigns get people talking

Is a Mobile Augmented Reality App Campaign worth it? MAR campaign apps vs. enterprise apps

Mobile app development for Android and iOS – the Marxent method

Retailers: Can your 4th of July print circular do this?

DVP Demo Day features Marxent Labs

Moosejaw ‘Sweaty & Wet’ Augmented Reality app launches

Interactive print circulars for retailers – ‘Easter Egg Hunt’

3-D Augmented Reality for retailers from Marxent Labs

Welcome to Marxent Labs an Augmented Reality Company

Interactive circular demo app

Start your project