What does it take to get people talking about your brand non-stop for nine months? Gary Wohlfeill, Creative Director at Moosejaw, knows.


It has been more than nine months since the Augmented Reality Moosejaw X-ray app built by Marxent Labs was released as a companion to the Moosejaw Holiday 2011 catalog. For retailers, Holiday 2011 probably seems like eons ago, but one thing has held true. Considering that the print catalog probably would have seen the recycling bin by now, the Augmented Reality Moosejaw X-ray app campaign is a gift that keeps on giving. Not only did the the campaign net a substantial lift in Holiday weekend sales for the Michigan-based outerwear retailer, but people just can’t stop talking about it.


As of today, there have been more than 650k downloads of the Moosejaw X-ray app and well over 2MM twitter mentions – not to mention the press, awareness and general curiosity that it has generated for Moosejaw by this AR campaign.


But does it move real business metrics? The more time that people spend engaged with a catalog or brand, the more likely they are to buy something.


Obviously, not every brand is as edgy as Moosejaw, but imagine the potential for your own brand. Spending far less than it costs to film and place a TV commercial, you can bring the world to your doorstep with an Augmented Reality campaign that reflects the unique values and character of your brand.