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We gathered a cross section of employees from across departments, and started quizzing them on camera about everything from previous job experience and major life lessons down to their favorite foods. The result is How We Got Here, a video series featuring real Marxent staffers talking about the personal journey that led them to join the team. Like what you see? Click here to check out more How We Got Here profiles. Or continue reading to find out more about …

Joe Bardi, Senior Content Strategist

Joe Bardi is Marxent’s resident news-hound, movie critic and frazzled parent who also goes by the official title of Senior Content Strategist. Originally from New York, but a proud resident of St. Petersburg, Florida since the late 1990s, Joe lives just north of downtown with his wife, Heidi, and their two small boys, Henry and Charlie. Before joining Marxent, Joe spent nearly a decade at Tampa’s Creative Loafing newspaper, then headed south to Sarasota for a two-year stint handling digital content and strategy for ABC 7 WWSB. Now back living and working in the Burg, he couldn’t be more excited about the future of everything. Is he delusional? Perhaps. But he doesn’t know, so don’t tell him.

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