Welcome back to Season 2 of the In Reality podcast, which covers all things Augmented & Virtual Reality. In Reality features industry news, commentary, and perspective from AR/VR veterans and experts.

In Reality is co-hosted by Marxent’s Joe Johnson and Joe Bardi. Johnson is the Creative Director at Marxent, and has been in the AR/VR industry for 5 years following a stint on Microsoft’s Office UX team. Bardi is Marxent’s Senior Content Strategist, and has been in the industry for 2 years, after having spent more than a decade in print and TV media.

Following on the wild speculation of the Season 2 premiere, the Joes bring in a fresh catch of AR/VR news, including the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S9, Google releasing ARCore 1.0, IBM’s Watson making the jump to VR, and eBay adding Augmented Reality Tools. It’s a lot to cover, so let’s get started …

Show Notes:

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 packs an upgraded camera in a familiar body

Google is bringing ARCore out of beta and launching Lens search on more phones

IBM teams up with Unity to bring Watson into virtual reality environments

Augmented Reality On Tap At EBay

10 Worst Corporate Accounting Scandals of All Time (Note: MCI made the list, but Joe B. was wrong, wrong, WRONG when he said it “had something to do with Enron.” They were both huge financial scandals that occurred during the same time period, but they were not in fact related. Joe B. maintains that even if they weren’t, they should have been related. He can be difficult sometimes.)

China’s Xinjiang surveillance is the dystopian future nobody wants

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